Password Generator

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Super password

Enter WE5T 0NE 0000 000 as your password to start as Hu-Man with all items, ninety-nine stones, and almost one million gold pieces.

Create blocks

Equip the Magical Saber, Knight Shield, Goblin Mail, and Fire Ball. Every time you swing your sword, you'll create magical blocks.

Special passwords

Begin as Hu-Man
MODE FOR 0000 000
Turn off the door sound

Secret shop

There is a house at the right of the first village with two doors. Put your character at the empty space between the doors and find the secret door.

Transform anywhere

Equip the Kashmir Sword. Now, jump and press [1] while in the air.

Action Replay codes

Infinite Health
Infinite Potion
00CF5509, 00CF5609, 00CF5709, 00CF5809, 00CF5909, 00CF5A09
Max Money

See the main page for Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap / Monster World II - Dragon no Wana (モンスターワールドII-ドラゴンの罠)

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