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Cheats: Teddy Boy / Teddy Boy Blues (テディーボーイ・ブルース)

Options Screen

Press [Up][Down][Left][Right] at the title screen. The following options will appear:

Continue from previous level after game over / start from level 1 [1]
Enable/disable disintegration of the floor when standing still
1 player/2 player game

Level Select

At the options screen, position the cursor on 1P and press [Up], [Down]x9 then [1] or [2]. A further option, ROUND, will appear. Press [Left] or [Right] to select a starting level, from 1 to 50.

Action Replay Codes

Infinite lives for player 1 (keeps showing 5)
Infinite lives for player 2

  1. ^ This option has no effect if the level select is used.

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