Venom's Suit

To equip Spidey with Venom's suit, start the game in "Nightmare" mode, and after you defeat the Lizard at the end of round 2, move to the right and fall into the pit where you can find the Lizard's key. Then, walk through the sewage to the bottom of the ladder, hold [Down], and press [2] to make Spider-Man dive into the sewage. Press [2] again, and Spider-Man will leap out wearing Venom's suit.

Pac-man mini-game

Begin game play in "Nightmare" mode. At the end of the third stage, after you defeat Electro, take the key from between the conductors, and jump down while holding [Left] so you'll land on top of the Game Gear icon. You'll be sent back to Peter's room and have the option to play the Game Gear, which starts the "Pac-Man" mini-game.

The Game Gear icon location. If you land on the platform as shown, you will not have enough time to collect it.The menu option that appearsThe secret game's first level

Action Replay codes

Infinite energy
Infinite webs
Infinite time (keeps showing 24:07)
Level select (replace XX for 00-0B in hex; deactivate once the level has started)

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