Rename all characters

To rename all characters in the game, confirm the name of your main character with [Start]+[2].

Secret characters

At battle 12, there is a lake at the right side of the battlefield. Search in the bushes above the lake and find Domingo.
At battle 19, there is a sequence with three trees at the right from the starting point. Find Amigo at the tree on the right.

Difficult mode

First, finish the game. Now, during the Sega logo, press [Down]x5. A sound will confirm the code and the message Excellent will appear at the title screen.

Sound test

First, finish the game. Now, when you start or restart a game, hold [Up]+[Start] when the narrator says the last words to access the Sound Test.

To enable the sound test without actually having to finish the game, edit save memory location 1B0F and set it to 3. You will be able to access the sound test as if you had completed the game normally.

Cheat mode

At the Sega logo, press [Up][Up][Down][Up][2][1][Right][Left]. A sound will confirm. During a battle, you can hold [Up]+[1]+[Start] to kill all enemies and win; [Up]+[2]+[Start] to kill yourself and lose. You will also earn 1,000,000 gold when you win a battle.

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