Level select

Press [Pause]x12 at the title screen, then hold [Up+Left] on controller two, and then press [1] on either controller.

Sound test

Press [Pause]x4 at the title screen, then press [1] on controller two.

All weapon upgrades

Press [Pause]x14 at the title screen, then [1] on either controller to start the game with all weapon upgrades (wide beam, longer range, and faster shots).

Action Replay codes

Invincibility (starts with 10980 points, decreases with the time and gets back to the same value when it reaches 9990 points)
Infinite lives – Player 1 (keeps showing 2)
Infinite time – Player 1 (starts with 10980 points and it'll decrease only if you get hit)
Stage select (replace the X on the code for a number from 0 to 5 to go from the first stage to the last stage)

See the main page for Quartet / Double Target - Cynthia no Nemuri (ダブルターゲット シンシアの眠り) / Double Target (더블 타케트)

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