Secret characters

Enter the follow initials and then press the indicated buttons (the final [1] acting to enter the last initial) to use secret characters. You need to position the cursor on the adjacent letter so the direction press will move it onto the correct letter. "" means the space character.

NameNicknameInitialsEnter last initial withPhoto and stats
Sal DivitaDivitaSAL[Left]+[1]
Jamie RivettRivettRJR[Up]+[1]
Dan FeinsteinWeaselSAX[Left]+[1]
Asif ChaudhriChow-ChowCAR[Left]+[2]+[1]
Tom RademacherScruffROD[Up]+[1]
Eric KubyKabukiQB□[Down]+[1]
Eric SamulskiAir DogAIR[Up]+[2]+[1]
Mark TurmellTurmellMJT[Up]+[2]+[Pause]+[1]
Bill Clinton (politician)ClintonARK[Up]+[2]+[1]
Al Gore (politician)GoreNET[Down]+[2]+[1]
Warren Moon (American Football player)MoonUW□[Up]+[Pause]+[1]
George Clinton (funk musician)P-FunkDIS[Right]+[2]+[1]

Power Ups

Press the buttons shown during the Tonight's Match Up screen. "Rotate" means you should press all 8 directions on the D-pad (4 is not enough).

Power UpButtonsDescription
Intercept[2]x15, rotateYou can steal the ball more easily.
Turbo[2]x15, hold [Left]Unlimited turbo
Dunks[2]x13, rotateYou can dunk from almost anywhere.
Fire[2]x7, hold [Up]+[2]You will be on fire for the whole game.
Show Shot[2], hold [Down]+[2]Shot percentages appear at the top left of the screen.
Juice Mode[2]x14, [2]+[1]Harder, faster game mode. Enter code again to turn it off

Action Replay codes

Infinite Time
Away Team Can't Score
Infinite Shot Clock

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