Kombat Kodes

These Kombat Kodes must be entered at the screen preceding the Versus screen, which shows six icons which change as the buttons are pressed. The order of keypresses is not important. Press each button the number of times listed in the table.

Smoke Activated192234
Fight as Shao Khan783343
Fight Shao Khan 33564
Fight Smoke2 52 5
Fight Noob Saibot769342
Level Select Activated666111
Half Energy Player 1 33   
Half Energy Player 2    33
Quarter Energy Player 17 7   
Quarter Energy Player 2   7 7
Double Hit Power Player 1  7   
Double Hit Power Player 2     7
Unlimited Run466466
Disable Throws1  1  
Disable Block 2  2 
Disable Panel987123
Dark Kombat688422
Psycho Kombat985125

Random select

During the player select screen, put the cursor on Sindel and press [Up]+[Start].

Action Replay codes

Infinite Time
Player 1 Infinite Health
Player 1 Won One Round

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