Clock locations

Hiyarika (Stage 3): Just below the Blackheart's warp.

Chaprun (Stage 5): Located in the middle of the "fountain" scene.

Sbadarian (Stage 7): In a hole in the "desert" scene. Highly crucial.

Red bottle locations

Sarcand (Stage 2): In the "crystal" scene that has the shop in it, shoot at the tallest crystal.

Sbadarian (Stage 7): In the scene where the Blackheart's warp is located, it's in the middle of the three loops at the bottom.

Blue bottle locations:

Bow Bow (Stage 4): In the "inferno" scene with the shop in it, shoot around and you'll find the bottle.

Fuwarek (Stage 6): In the opening scene, left of the shop. A little strategy is to buy the red bottle at the hidden shop and then get the freebie.

Action Replay codes

Infinite energy
Infinite lives (keeps showing 5)

See the main page for Fantasy Zone II - The tears of OPA-OPA / Fantasy Zone II - Opa-Opa no Namida (ファンタジーゾーンII オパオパの涙)

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