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Cheats: Crystal Warriors / Arliel - Crystal Densetsu (アーリエルクリスタル伝説)

Sound test

Turn on the console with [1]+[2]+[Start] held. Now, during the title screen press [Up]+[Start].

Action Replay codes

Infinite HP00C4876300C5076300C5276300C4E76300C4C76300C4A763
Infinite MP00C4896300C5096300C5296300C4E96300C4C96300C4A963
Max AP00C48F6300C50F6300C52F6300C4EF6300C4CF6300C4AF63
Max DP00C4906300C5106300C5306300C4F06300C4D06300C4B063
Max LK00C4926300C5126300C5326300C4F26300C4D26300C4B263
Max SP00C49E6300C51E6300C53E6300C4FE6300C4DE6300C4BE63

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