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Cheats: Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck

Free movement mode

Pause, then press [Right][Up][2][Down][Right][1][2][Left][1][Right][Down]. Now hold [1]+[2] to move freely through the level using the D-pad, release to continue gameplay.

Action Replay Codes

Level select
0000Stoneage Suburbs 1
0001Stoneage Suburbs 2
0002Stoneage Suburbs 3
0003Stoneage Suburbs 4
0004Dinosaur Munchies
0100Dipping Dinosaur
0200Monkey Business
0201Monkey Mania
0202Wacky Waterfalls
0203Ozric's Tentacles
0300Lively Lava
0301Mind That Magma
0302Going Up The Tree
0303Going Down The Tree
0304Watch The Birdie
0400Fruit Mountain
0401Snow Joke 1
0402Snow Joke 2
0403Sergei The Sea Slug
0500The Sewers 1
0501The Sewers 2
0502Look Out Its Brick
Infinite energy

ROM hacks

Light gravity (higher values give stronger gravity)

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