Unlimited Lives

At the title screen, press [1] to start the game. A red screen will appear showing the number of lives you have. When the screen goes blank, press and hold [Reset]. Riki will walk across the top of the screen and die. After the game resets, let go of [Reset]. When you start the game, you will have unlimited lives. (If this works, the background graphics in Chapter 1 will be garbled.)

Bonus level

When the ending message screen appears after defeating Wang in Chapter 6, press [Up]x20. This sends you to a secret level. (In Chapter 7, you will fight all the bosses again.)

Level Select

At title screen, using controller 2, press [Up],[Down],[Left],[Right],[Up+Left],[Up+Right],[Down+Right],[Down+Left],[Down]x7,[Up],[Up+Right],[Up+Right]. Then with controller 2 you can select a value using [Up] and press a button to start the game. Values are:

0Chapter 1
1Chapter 1 Boss
2Chapter 2
3Chapter 2 Boss
4Chapter 3
5Chapter 3 Boss
6Chapter 4
7Chapter 4 Boss
8Chapter 5
9Chapter 5 Boss
AChapter 6

Note: this cheat is VERY difficult to accomplish, and the diagonal directions must be pressed perfectly. For example, for [Up+Left], [Up] and [Left] must be pressed together at exactly the same time.

Action Replay codes

Infinite energy
Enable level select

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