Good Ending

You need to open 5 doors throughout the game in order to get the good ending. To make them open:

  1. Stage 1-5: Defeat all the enemies
  2. Stage 2-3: Defeat all the enemies
  3. Stage 3-1: Make the thousands digit of your score EVEN
  4. Stage 4-3: Fall down (off a ledge, etc.) 15+ times before the last enemy is destroyed
  5. Stage 5-2: Dig exactly 7 holes by the end of the stage

This last one is the tricky one, as you'll have to plan how to drop enemies onto others below to keep the digging count low. Filling in a hole does not decrease the "holes dug" counter.

If you meet all these conditions, then you'll go to the end of Stage 5, fight all the bosses again, and finally get the good ending. Based on research by Chris Covell

See the main page for Berlin no Kabe - The BerlinWall (ベルリンの壁 - THE BERLINWALL)

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