Level Select

When the "Start" and "Configure" options appear at the title screen, press [Up][Down][2][Left][Right][2][Up][Down][2] before the Alien 3 logo fades out.

Unlimited lives

Start game play in two player mode and obtain a high score for both players. Intentionally have one of the players lose all their lives and enter ALIEN as a name on the high score screen. The corresponding player will have unlimited lives when game play continues.

Unlimited Continues

Enter the configuration screen. Enter two players and then start the game. Complete level one with player one and let player two die three times on the fans, now complete level 2 with player one. Player two will now start again on level one but will be graced with infinite continues.

Action Replay codes

Infinite energy (keeps showing 099)
Infinite time (keeps showing 03:58)
Infinite lives (keeps showing 3)
Infinite machine gun ammo (keeps showing 098 after first shot)
Infinite bazooka ammo (keeps showing 098 after first shot)
Infinite flame gun "ammo" (keeps showing 098 after first use)
Infinite grenades (keeps showing 098 after first throwing)
Level XX (00 - 13 hex; other values show the ending)

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