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Cheats: Alex Kidd in Miracle World / Alex Kidd no Miracle World (アレックスキッドのミラクルワールド) / Alex Kidd (알렉스키드)


Hold [Up] and press [2]x8 at the Game Over screen. Note: This code may only be enabled if you have $400 or more when game play ends.

Bonus Round

In Lake Fathom, when you come to the first octopus, kill him by punching out the tentacle segments, or you can use the Teleport powder and punch him in the face twice. After you kill him, centre Alex over the grey pot and press [Down][Down]. This will bring you to an underground lake and the southernmost island in the lake.

The underground lakeThe southern island

Cragg Lake symbol sequence

You must run over the floor in the following sequence: SUN-WAVES-MOON-STAR-SUN-MOON-WAVES-FISH-STAR-FISH.

Secret Message (Japanese Version)

When the ending message appears on the screen, press [1]x14 on controller 2, then press [1] or [2] on controller 1.

 うまれくる こどもが アレクのように あいとゆうきをもつ つよいこで ありますように こういちとえみに このおはなしを ささげます。
 そして アレクをあいする すべての ひとが いつまでも こうふくで ありますように アレクとともに いのっています。
  バイ           こうたろう
   よーこ まちるだ    りえ わかしまづ
   パパ こういち     とく
   いじめっこ かおり   いじめられっこ とし
We dedicate this story to Kouichi and Emi. May children yet to be born be strong, and have love and bravery, like Alex.

And we, together with Alex, hope that all who love Alex may be forever happy.

Koutarou (Kotaro Hayashida aka Ossale Kohta)
Youko Matilda
Rie Wakashimadzu (Rieko Kodama aka Phoenix Rie)
Papa Kouichi
Toku (Tokuhiko Uwabo aka BO)
Kaori the Bully
Toshi the Bullied

Action Replay codes

Infinite lives (keeps showing 7)
Infinite money (keeps showing 900)
Item: Power Bracelet
Item: Magic Capsule A
Item: Magic Capsule B
Item: Teleport Powder
Item: Cane of Flight
Item: Telepathy Ball
Item: Moonstone Medallion
Item: Letter to Nibana
Item: Hirotta Stone
Level select (replace the XX in the code with a number from 01 to 11 (hexadecimal); enable the code before the game starts, then disable the code after the level begins)

Game Genie codes

Start with 99 Lives
Start Score with 1,000,000 Points
998-35F-E6A, 998-36F-E6A, 998-37F-E6A
Start with $9,999,990 Cash

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