To have access to two continues until Stage 7, press [Up]+[1]+[2] during the Game Over screen. To have access to unlimited continues until Stage 17 using the same command above, press [Pause]x100 during the opening screen before starting the game.

Safe flying

Bank your aircraft as far to the left as possible. Hold the D-pad in this position and you cannot be hit until the 12th stage.

Easy refueling

Line up with the refueling plane when it appears. Use the D-pad to move across the top of the plane, then press [Down]+[1]+[2] to refuel.

Action Replay codes

Infinite lives (keeps showing 7)
Stage select (turn it off before the end of the stage. Replace the XX on the code for a hexadecimal number from 00 to 11 [for those not familiar with, it'd be something like 00, 01, (...), 09, then 0A, 0B, (...), 0F and finally 10, 11]. Note that this code will change the actual number of the stage [i.e. it will start on "Stage 0" and the last one will be "Stage 17"])
Trigger music and sound effects (Replace XX with 81-93. You must enable and disable the code for it to work. The sounds will replace those already programmed to activate.)

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