It's war... and your buddies are trapped behind enemy lines! Before they can escape, they urgently need medical attention... and desperately need your help!

You're an Army sharpshooter. You have the Sega Light Phaserâ„¢ and lightning-fast reflexes! Now, you are going on a hero's mission to save your friends.

With only a railroad handcart for transportation, you're taking three combat medics deep into enemy territory. They'll take care of your friends. Your Job: shoot down everything the enemy throws at them...and you!

Jet troopers! Rockets and grenades! Infantry and land mines! It's you against 'em all, in one of the meanest battlegrounds ever created. If your aim is true, you'll get a medal. Miss...and your friends remain trapped. The power of the Sega Light Phaserâ„¢... and the fate of your friends... are in your hands!

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