Once inside this gymnasium, the international competition is heavy. It's the Sega Volleyball Championship Tournament, where eight nations are competing to be the winning team.

And what makes you a winner depends first, on which team you choose to represent your playing skills and then, what you choose to be their expert playing features.

You're up against a crafty Cuban center with a taste for sideline spikes. How do you receive? With a quick set and a slow and evasive return, you just may watch their point lead disappear. It's your serve. You aim for their weak point, the corner court, but they've beat you to it. Next time, put some spin on the ball, and watch that serve win a point in your favor,

But this was just a Goodwill Match. Now, you've been called against China for serious Tournament Play. First, hit the Practice Game to warm up and then it's on to the true test of your skills.

Triple men blocks and delayed attacks are more sharp moves you can make to close in on your opposition. Because the more sophisticated your playing, the faster the game and the sooner the victory.

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