While off on a far-flung treasure hunt, Uncle Scrooge picked up a mysterious pendant. Now he's swelling up like a balloon! Can Donald save his ever-expanding uncle!

Donald treks to the most dangerous spots on earth to return the pendant and break the curse!

Zig-zag through a treacherous forest, a shark infested sunken galleon, icy caverns and into the crater of a hot volcano!

Tail-feathers fly as Donald fights off hyenas, snakes, gorillas, barracudas, sharks, weasels and thundering lava balls!

Sega and Game Gear are trademarks of SEGA. Disney characters artwork and music © Disney. © 1994 SEGA. P.O. Box 7639, San Francisco. CA 94120.
All rights reserved. Printed In USA. Distributed by Majesco Sales, Inc., P.O. Box 6570, Edison. NJ 081318-6570.

Assembled in Mexico.

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