Zillion II: The Tri Formation


When the words "GAME OVER" appear on the screen, hold the D-button in the up position and press buttons 1 and 2 simultaneously. The word "continue" should appear on the screen. This will allow 3 continues.

Switching Partners

It appears that you can only switch partners during odd-numbered rounds, and only once each. You will find it advantageous to keep both Apple and Champ in reserve until round 5 or 7. (To switch, hit pause and select the character to whom you want to switch.) Consider switching partners when your life meter is at the I or L in the word "LIFE".

Odd-Numbered Levels

Always keep shooting. Most often, by continuously shooting, you can kill many of the Norsa warriors before they have a chance to shoot at you. Staying close to the right edge of the screen is also advantageous at points, depending on the attack patterns of the Norsa. Note that jumping and moving diagonally will allow you to jump higher and will allow you to reach certain power-up's. The pulsating areas on the floor will decrease your life meter (except in round 7). In some rounds there are two levels. Often, there is less fighting on the top levels. Power-up's will appear both on the top and bottom levels. You will need to remember which power-up's appear where in order to decide where to go. You will start rounds 5 and 7 with the Armorator. Change to it immediately. (Up and button 1.)

Even-Numbered Levels

Occasionally, while jumping over a bottomless pit, a Norsa warrior will shoot you, causing you to fall into the pit. It is therefore a good idea to get as close as possible to the edge of the pit and destroy any Norsa warriors on the other side before jumping over the pit. Standing in one place will cause a Noza Noza to appear. (The black Noza Noza requires two shots to destroy.) In round 4, the Jet Soldiers cannot hit you if you duck down. In round 6, when being attacked by the Norsa Mini Rakers, it is best to just avoid them by ducking down.

Olivion Platoon Captain - Round 2
Stay where you are, duck down and shoot. Be ready to turn around when he appears behind you.

Radjian Defense Leader - Round 4
Stay in the center of the screen. When he is on the ground, duck down and shoot. When he jumps up, stand and turn toward where he will land. When he hits the ground, duck down and shoot. Repeat this procedure.

Alleevia Suprese - Round 6
Defeating this enemy will take some practice. Try to dodge his missiles as much as possible. When he gets close, jump over him, turn around and continue firing. Repeat this procedure.

Baron Rick -Round 8
Jump up and shoot toward the right. Fire constantly while dodging his laser fire. Shoot him when he comes at you. He flashes when he gets hit. While he is flashing, you will be able to walk through him quickly. Then turn around and continue firing. Repeat this procedure until you wear him down. Do not feel the need to hurry. This is not a timed battle.


 At last, after a fierce
battle, J.J. and his comrades
manage to destroy the secret
fortress of the Noza forces.
 In spite of their highly
successful mission, the
enemy's invasion has only
been temporarily stopped.
 Unless the Noza forces give
up their plan to conquer the
Malis planet, J.J. and his
friends will not be able to
rest even for a moment.
 J.J. and his comrades-in-
arms' valiant war against
the evil empire will
continue until peace once
again reigns.

     THE END

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