Tower of the Doomed

-- These maps are not intended to be detailed reflections of their respective areas. Passages are drawn relative to each other, but the distances are not proportional. The intent of these maps is to provide a very general idea of the layout of the area. The circular hallways with pillars are not shown on these maps. Unlabeled black doors eventually lead to dead-ends.

Tower Map


You will get the necklace from Rauba. Rauba can be found by using the Mask of Eyes in the hallway with statues (between B and C). Go through the arch and go to the left.

The hallway between M and N is full of toxic air. In order to clear the air, go into the circular hallway between the K doors. Go to the fifth pillar on the right, face up, and hit it with the hammer. (The hammer must be equipped.)

On your way to meet the poetess Reah, you will come across a green door. You must equip the necklace and evil ring to open the door. After getting the monocle from Reah, go back to Luther Jemma. He will give you the amulet that allows you to open the door to Dark Dekt.

1, 2, 3
1 leads back to c.
2 leads to 1.
3 leads to a passage that leads back to c.

Dark Dekt
Save your game. If you have the amulet, you can open the door. Although the Flame Sword will appear to be stronger, equip all the silver items to fight Dekt. Once the floor starts moving, try to hit Dekt when he flies by the edge of the floor. The part of the floor underneath him will disappear each time he is hit. You want to attack carefully so as not to divide the floor into separate sections that you cannot reach.

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