Ys: The Vanished Omens

-- The purpose of this page is to provide general maps as well as a few bits of miscellaneous information. For more information on the game, please see C. Dyer's Ys walk-through at GameFaqs.

Gold Pedestal

You can find a gold pedestal here in the pond. You can sell it to the shopkeeper in Minea for $2,000.


Mine Map
Temple Map
Tower Map

Books of Ys

Book of HADAL
Ys once flourished
because of a metal called
CRERIA. The great temple
in the hills was a
reflection of that
And then the great
trouble began.

Book of TOVAH
At that time, Ys was
ruled by two goddesses
and six high priests.
The goddesses were the
sources of life for
everybody, and symbolized
the strength of Ys.

Book of DABBY
What was the "Great
trouble," thou asketh?
An enemy appeared
suddenly, and attacked
the town.
Lava burst forth from the
ground, burning all in
its path! We ran in all
directions to escape.

Somehow, the CRERIA was
the root of our trouble.
We sealed what CRERIA
remained deep inside the
If we were ever to dig it
up, the trouble would
start again.

Book of MESSA
We have been trapped in
the great temple by six
giant creatures.
They gradually close in
on us.
We have decided we must
leave this land, but have
faith that we shall

Book of JEMMA
The enemy gathers his
minions to attack us.
While the people suffer
in terror, our goddesses
have disappeared from
before our very eyes, and
have not been seen since.

There is an item which
has been passed down
through the generations
in the JEMMA family.
It is a transparent
medallion made of a blue
metal.  This medallion
contains enough power to
smash any curse or spell
cast by evill magic.

Book of DEKT
The dawn is brilliant;
the enemy's attack has
suddenly stopped. Why,
I know not, but it is a
happy occurence, for
the current disaster has
temporarily left our

We will seal the power
of Ys in these books for
the day when the
travellers return.
Whoever gathers these six
books will be able to
draw on that power and
restore peace to this
troubled land.


 Dawn begins to
brighten the world.
The silhouette of
the tower rises
against the sky.
Birds start to
call as the evil
creatures melt in
the light of day.
A great burden is
lifted from ARON's
heart and peace
descends on the
land. ARON sees
the history of Ys
unfold before him.
The events of the
books appear and
fade away...a tale
centuries lived in
a heartbeat. Then
the goddesses of
Ys appear before
them. Even though
he cannot see
their faces, ARON
somehow knows them
well. ARON stands
still as stone and
gazes out over the 
land. He can
barely see JEBA's
home in the
distance. His
thoughts return to
FEENA. If he were
to return now, he
would first seek
her to talk of the
events that have
come to pass...
and other things.
But a soft light
surrounds ARON, as
if he has been
blessed by the
goddesses of Ys.

But some things will never be.
Knowing this, ARON, the
swordsman, sets off on his
next adventure.  THE END

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