Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap

The Story

Wonder Boy defeats the MEKA dragon. In its dying throes, the dragon puts a curse on Wonder Boy and turns him into a Lizard Man. According to legend, the magical Salamander Cross, the only thing that can restore Wonder Boy to human form, has been hidden by the Vampire Dragon. Wonder Boy must journey through the deserts, jungles, seas, and caverns of Monster Land to defeat the Vampire Dragon and his minions.


There are seven life-hearts to be found throughout the game, for a total of eight. Note where to find them all.

#2 - Can be found at the bottom of the tower in the town.
#3 - Can be found inside the sphinx in the desert.
#4 - Can be found inside the pool at the edge of the jungle.
#5 - There is a pipe to the right of the sunken pirate ship Go down the pipe and move to the left. Above you, you will find a door. The treasure within contains the fifth life-heart.
#6 - Left of the town tower is a hole containing water. Go down this hole and walk to the left. Break the four blocks in the floor and jump down the passage. You will fall into a room containing a treasure chest. (Go all the way to the right.) Here you will find the sixth life-heart.
#7 - Can be found above the pipe that leads from the town to the waterfront. Go to the waterfront and fly left into the pipe. Fly up when you get to the edge of the water. (Hawk-Man cannot get wet without being injured.)
#8 - Can be found in the Vampire Dragon's castle.

Metamorphosis Room

In the town, the building to the right of the tower contains a room that will allow you to change from one character to another. When you go in the door, there will be a block to you left hanging from the ceiling. Destroy it (you must have the Thunder Saber) and pick up the question mark box. A door will appear. Inside is the transformation chamber.


Medicine will restore an indeterminate amount of your life meter when you would ordinarily die. Besides occasionally getting it by defeating enemies, there are several places throughout Monster Land where you can obtain medicine.

1.) There is a pool at the left edge of the jungle. In the pool there is a door. (To reach it you must be either Mouse-Man or Piranha-Man.) If you go through the door, in addition to the fourth life-heart, you will find a shop that sells medicine.

Jungle Pool

2.) There is a lake underneath the desert. (Kill a Fire Ant Lion with a tornado and jump into the hole.) Once in the lake, move all the way to the left. Inside the door is a treasure chest containing one medicine.

3.) Underneath the desert sphinx, the last treasure chest contains one medicine. (See the section on the sphinx.)

4.) Go inside the pyramid and take the passage that leads to the Mummy Dragon. Go all the way to the end. If you walk through the left wall you will find a treasure chest that contains one medicine. If you fly up through the ceiling, you will find a treasure chest that contains two vials of medicine. (See #2 in the section on hidden treasures.)

5.) At the end of the passage that leads to the Daimyo Dragon, there is a treasure chest that contains a medicine. (See #3 in the section on hidden treasures.)

Charm Stones

There are certain items that you cannot buy if you do not have sufficient charm points. Experimenting with different suits of armor can alter the charm ratings of different characters, but it helps to have charm stones as well. Throughout Monster Land, there are several treasure chests that contain charm stones.

1.) To the right of the town (you must be Hawk-Man to fly over the wall), there is a treasure chest that contains charm stones.
2.) Underneath the sphinx the last chest contains charm stones. (See section on the sphinx.)
3.) Inside the pyramid, go up the steps on the left side of the screen. You will enter a room with two levels. Get on the ceiling of the first level. (You will find a jump block if you go left.) Once on the ceiling, (walking upside down,) go all the way to the right. This will bring you over the wall at the right side of the room.the door will bring you to a treasure room. Here you will find a treasure chest containing charm stones.
4.) The treasure chest in the lake under the desert contains one charm stone. (See #2 in the section on medicine.)

Hidden Treasure Chests

1.) To the left of the town, you will come to a screen containing red Sparks and a maze of mouse blocks. Go to the top left corner of the screen and jump. This will bring you to a hidden treasure room.


2.) Change into Hawk-Man. Inside the desert pyramid, go all the way through the passage that leads to the Mummy Dragon. At the end of the passage (there will be a Fire Stone on the left wall), move the center of the screen and fly up through the ceiling. This will bring you to a hidden treasure room. Upon exiting the room, be prepared to flap your wings quickly. (The floor where you appear is not solid.) Fly up to the ledge at the left side of the screen (or, if you are not Hawk-Man, simply jump over the depression in the floor to land on the left ledge). Walk through the left wall. This will bring you to another hidden treasure.

3.) Take the passage that leads to the Daimyo Dragon. At the end, you will come to a black room with white diamond shapes on the wall. Go past (to the right of) the door and center your character in front of the brown column and push up. This will bring you to a treasure room containing a medicine and a large heart (fully restores life).

4.) There are eight treasure chests below the desert sphinx. (See the section on the sphinx.)

5.) Go to the room in the ruined castle where you fought the MEKA Dragon. There is a treasure chest in here that contains a significant amount of gold, approximately 3,000.

Noteworthy Shops

1.) In the jungle pool, there is a shop that sells medicine. (See the section on medicine.)

2.) In the bottom of the town tower, there is a door that will bring you back up to the ground floor of the tower. Stand in front of this door and jump. Press the D-button up while above the door and a new door will appear. Inside you can buy weapon items (fireballs, etc.)

3.) Go to the ruined castle. Without going inside, go all the way to the right. There is a pipe that leads out of the castle. Jump inside, center your character in the middle, and press the D-button up. This brings you to the shop that sells the Legendary Shield.

The Sphinx

In the desert, if you go all the way to the left, you will come to a pyramid. Jump step by step over the pyramid and descend the other side. At the bottom of the pyramid, you will see a sphinx. (Watch out for the goblin outside.) Inside the sphinx, besides the treasure chest containing the third life-heart, you will notice that the walls are made of destructible block. If you destroy a wall, (for which you must have the Thunder Saber,) walking off the floor and falling off the screen will bring you to a room with eight treasure chests. On any given visit to this room, only one chest will open; you must go into this room eight times to get everything. A chest will open up when you stand next to it. If you do not want a chest to open, jump over it as you approach. The first two contain gold. The next five contain (in this order): fireballs, tornadoes, arrows, boomerangs, and thunder. The last contains charm stones and a vial of medicine.
-- Hitting up at any point in this room will cause an exit door to appear.


The long battle filled journey has
finally ended. Tales of your gallant and
heroic actions will be passed down from one
generation to another throughout eternity.

Good night brave warrior
Good night Monster Land...

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