Wonder Boy in Monster Land

The Wonder Boy Story

A long, long time ago there was a very young boy by the name of Bock Lee Temjin. His friends just called him Tom-Tom.

One day he and his best friend Tanya were playing when the evil King came, grabbed Tanya, and took her away to his woodland kingdom.

Tom-Tom was very angry. He wanted Tanya back, so he set off to rescue her. He looked everywhere. He traveled through deep forests, dark caves and even across oceans. Eventually he found the woodland kingdom, fought with and defeated the evil King, and rescued his girlfriend Tanya.

Word of Tom-Tom's daring and courageous adventure soon spread throughout Wonder Land. The people were very proud of him and gave Tom-Tom the highest honor of all - the legendary name of Wonder Boy.

With the evil King defeated, Wonder Land returned to its original quiet and peaceful state.

But nothing lasts forever.........

The Story Continues

Eleven years have gone by. For over one decade the kingdom of Wonder Land was a paradise. Everyone and everything lived in harmony together.

The peace was broken when a ferocious fire breathing dragon appeared out of nowhere and took over Wonder Land with an army of evil, monsterous henchmen. Wonder Land was immediately thrown into utter chaos.

Not knowing how to fight, the people were quickly taken over and the tranquil and serene kingdom was transformed into a land of demons and devils.

Wonder Land was now a Monster Land.

The terror-stricken people could do nothing. But they remembered a brave lad who, years before, had single-handedly come to the rescue.

Would he help the kingdom again?

Wonder Boy, now a teenager, was summoned. Realizing that he was Wonder Land's last hope, Wonder Boy set out on an incredible journey to rid the country of the demons and monsters...and to somehow find and destroy the invincible, evil MEKA dragon!

The Twelve Locations in Monster Land

There are twelve different locations in Monster Land through which you, as Wonder Boy, must travel. Each location has its own special beauty, valuable treasures, deep dark secrets, and hideous monsters. So be prepared for anything and everything. And remember your vow to destroy the dragon!

1. City of Wonder Land 7. Pororo Islands
2. Valley of Peace 8. Village of Cacti
3. Wizard's Castle 9. Floating city of Tonnovia

Taking Control

The Directional Button (D-Button) Button 1: Button 2: Pause Button on Power Base:

Getting Started

Press Button 1 to start the game.
When the game begins, you will see this screen:


On the main screen you can keep track of certain key items as you play the game:


  1. Life
  2. Broad Sword
  3. Knight Armor
  4. Light Shield
  5. Leather Boots
  6. Helmet
  7. Revival Potion
  8. Scroll to Catherine (by showing this listed item the game players will have a subtle hint as to an 'important' item they should look for.)
  9. Gauntlet
  10. Bomb
  11. Tornado
  12. FireBall
  13. Thunder Flash
  14. Wing Boots
  15. Key
  16. Letter to Betty (like the scroll to Catherine, the sharp player will catch this subtle tip).
You can see all of the items in your possession by calling up the Status Screen. This can be done by pressing the Pause Button on the Power Base.
In this screen you will see the specific type and relative strength of the sword, shield, armor and boots currently in your possession.
In addition, the number and types of Magic Weapons (Bombs, Tornados, FireBalls and Thunder Flashes) along with the presence of any Special Equipment (Helmet, Gauntlet Glove and Wing Boots) is also known.
If you have the Revival Potion, the Key to unlock the door to the next location, or any 'special' item needed in your quest, they are displayed and listed on the bottom portion of the Status Screen.

The Quest Begins

You begin the game with nothing.
Fortunately the townspeople are on your side, so to start you off with a fighting chance, the Mayor of the first location will give you a sword and an ancient potion which is said to have the ability to revive a person's life. At least it's a start! But from there on, you're going to have to earn everything you will need.
As you proceed through the various Locations you will run across different items of importance. They include:


Wonder Boy will get rewarded everytime he defeats an enemy. How he is rewarded varies but it will always be a treasure. With these treasures Wonder Boy can purchase new and more powerful weapons, magic and other items. In addition, hidden throughout the quest are secret treasures. The treasures are described below, but you'll have to find out where they are.

Gold coins will be earned when a monster is killed. It is rumored that the townspeople hid extra gold along the path but nobody seems to know where.

GOLD WATER JUG - 500 points
If certain enemy soldiers are defeated, special solid gold items will appear. But there is a trick to finding them; so we hear!

GOLD NECKLACE - 1,000 points
The goddess of Amelian is said to have for certain left several of her necklaces near monsters. But which monsters could they be?

GOLDEN SCALE - 1,000 points
Truth and justice will always prevail. Where in the world have they hidden the scale?

GOLDEN MIRROR - 2,000 points
Mirror, mirror, on the walk, where are you hidden, no one will talk.

GOLDEN HARP - 5,000 points
The harp plays a beautiful tune, some are hidden inside of a goon.

GOLDEN CROWN - 10,000 points
Finding the crown is really tough, kill one twice; said enough.

Hidden in several hard to reach places along the path are bonus hourglasses. Finding one will automatically start yours over from the beginning.

Hearts of different sizes are also hidden along your route. If you find a small heart your life will be extended by that amount.

Occasionally you will find a large heart in your quest. This item is most desirable as it means that you will have one full life replenished.

GAUNTLET - Cost 20 Gold coins.
If you find the super Gauntlet Glove in a store, buy it as it will double your striking power for a while.

HELMET - Cost 25 Gold coins.
Using the Helmet doubles your protective capacity. All good things must come to an end though as the Helmet will disappear if you are attacked several times.

WING BOOTS - Cost 30 Gold coins.
When you find the Wing Boots in a store it usually means that you are coming up to a difficult section in your journey. Get them and they will let you fly over obstacles.

REVIVAL POTION - Cost 100 Gold coins.
If you have used the potion given to you in the beginning of the game, others are available in some shops. NOTE: If you already have one potion, a second one will not appear until the first one is used.

This powerful item can not be purchased in a shop but it is worth looking for as it will temporarily make you invisible to all the evil monsters.

Some items can neither be purchased nor found on the trail. Rather, they are freely given. But by whom? And who is Cathy?

Betty tends bar but who wants to write to her? Perhaps someone who works the same time she does?

Play a tune at a spot with a view, listen now as it comes back to you.

The Star is needed, we'll tell you this, you'll get one try, you'd better not miss.

Get the emblem as soon as you can, it's not from a woman or a man.

Hear it ring so soft so sweet, change directions with your feet.

The Ruby will be your guiding light, if you let it lead you to a fight!


There is more to Wonder Boy's quest than just a path with gold, treasures and a few monsters. In this adventure there are numerous options which are available for exploration.

First, there are dozens of different doors which Wonder Boy can open, enter and investigate.

Some are shops where weapons can be purchased.
Some are rooms where Wonder Boy can obtain valuable information.
Some are traps which contain a powerful opponent.
Some are invisible and must be discovered by trial and error. And some will be exits to the next round but can only be opened with a special key which is hidden somewhere in the area.


Throughout the Monster Land there are shops where many of the treasures and weapons can be purchased. In the beginning of the quest the shops are highly visible. They have large wooden doors and are marked with signs. In these locations the power and influence of the dragon is the weakest and the storekeepers can conduct business as they did in the past.

As Wonder Boy progresses through the Monster Land and gets closer to the dragon, the shops become harder to find and most only have wooden doors. Being closer to the dragon, the shopkeepers are careful about who they serve. In addition, some of the shops have been taken over by the dragon's area bosses and are really traps for unsuspecting visitors.

When one gets even closer to the dragon, the shopkeepers fear for their lives. They still conduct business but their doors are completely disguised and invisible. Only regular customers know where these shops are.
Wonder Boy must find all the shops in order to obtain more powerful weapons.

There are four types of shops:

Here, if Wonder Boy has accumulated enough gold, boots which allow higher jumping and faster running can be purchased. They include:

Cloth Boots- Cost 50 G
Leather Boots- Cost 80 G
Ceramic Boots- Cost 180 G
Legend Boots- Cost 350 G

In this store armor with more protective power can be purchased. The more expensive the item the less damage Wonder Boy will incur when hit by enemy fire. The types of armor include:

Light Armor- Cost 40 G
Heavy Armor- Cost 100 G
Knight Armor- Cost 150 G
Hard Armor- Cost 360 G
Legend Armor- Cost 540 G

Shields protect Wonder Boy from direct fire from his opponents. As Wonder Boy progresses throught the different locations the enemy gets stronger and so does the enemy's weapons. Wonder Boy must increase his shield strength to continue to repell the monster's fire. The various shields available include:

Light Shield- Cost 40 G
Knight Shield- Cost 120 G
Hard Shield- Cost 250 G
Legend Shield- Cost 350 G

Special weapons and magical spells can be purchased rather inexpensively here. These items can help Wonder Boy in his journey through the corridors or in his fight with the area boss. Items available for purchase include:

Cost 10 G - Rolls along the ground and weakens any enemy hits.

Cost 20 G - Flies through the air to attack the monsters

Cost 30 G - It runs around on the ground encircling and attacking the enemy.

Thunder Flash
Cost 50 G - A strong spell. All the enemies in the upper part of the screen are automatically weakened by it.


In addition to the shops, Wonder Boy can enter several different types of rooms. In these areas he can get valuable information or assistance. These rooms include:


Somewhere in each round there is one of the Dragon's boss henchmen. If you enter this room the door automatically locks and you can't get out until he is defeated. If you win the battle, you will get either the key to the door to the next location along with money or you will get a more powerful sword. The swords can only be obtained from a battle with a boss and the various types you can get include:

Know Thy Enemy

In Monster Land you have few friends but plenty of enemies. The various types of monsters which you will encounter include:

SNAKE 200 points
PYTHON 200 points
ANACONDA 200 points
MALKONID 200 points
GOBLET 300 points
GOBLIN 300 points
FANG BAT 300 points
VAMPIRE BAT 500 points
EEL WHIPS 200 points
GHOST 30,000 points
JELLYFISH 200 points
SNAPPER CRAB 500 points
ALLEE RAT 500 points
MASTER RAT 800 points
MADMAN 500 points
TARMAN 800 points
ROHPAH 500 points
OCTOPUS 500 points

Besides these monsters, the Dragon has recruited the strongest enemy possible as its end of round bosses. They include:

DEATH MASTERS 2,000 points
KING VAMPIRE 2,000 points
MASTER MYCONID 2,000 points
RED KNIGHT 3,000 points
MINI-RED KNIGHT 3,000 points
KURACKEN 3,000 points
SPHINX 3,000 points
GIANT KHONG 3,000 points
BLUE KNIGHT 4,000 points
MINI-BLUE KNIGHT 4,000 points
WIZARD 3,000 points
MEDUSA 4,000 points
KING DEMON 3,000 points
MEGA-GOBLIN 4,000 points
SNOW KHONG 4,000 points
SILVER KNIGHT 5,000 points
COIN COLLECTOR 40,000 points
DRAGON 200,000 points

Helpful Hints