Wonder Boy

Manual Clarifications

The game consists of 10 areas. Each area has 4 rounds. At the end of the fourth round Tom-Tom enters a "King's" mansion and must fight the king who appears. Additionally, each round has 4 checkpoints. At the end of the fourth checkpoint in each round, there is a "Goal" sign indicating the end of the round. When Tom-Tom dies he will return to the last checkpoint he passed. Selecting "Contine" after Tom-Tom has lost all of his lives forces him to return to Checkpoint 1 in the current area and round.

The 14 locations the manual refers to are geographic locations. Since there are 40 rounds in the game (10 areas with 4 rounds each), many of the locations are repeated.

Also, the manual has the functions for buttons 1 and 2 reversed. Use BUTTON 1 to throw hatchets, and BUTTON 2 to jump.

We found that the manual's claims of accelerated movement only move Tom-Tom's legs faster, without really changing his speed.


In Area 7, Round 2, Checkpoint 3 grab a skateboard. When you come across two rocks and a speckled egg, use the skateboard to destroy the first rock. Then jump safely over the speckled egg. It is possible to jump over all three items, just very difficult.

Level Select

When the screen showing the round and area numbers appears, press button 1 twice, button 2 twice, then hold them both down. Move the control pad to select which round and area you desire.

Dolls and the 10th Round

You need 36 dolls to get to the tenth round. Collect dolls from Area 1, Round 1 through Area 9, Round 4 to play the tenth round. If you miss a doll, the game will end at Area 9, Round 4. Each round contains one doll. Some dolls are hidden. Hidden dolls must be collected as well, and can be found almost everywhere. Hit rocks and other items to find hidden dolls. In general, if hatchets go through rocks rather than bouncing off of them, it is likely that something is hidden in the rock.

The doll locations are given below. Some notes are given for the hidden dolls.

Area and RoundCheckpoint
Area 1:Round 1Checkpoint 4
Area 1:Round 2Checkpoint 4
Area 1:Round 3Checkpoint 4
Area 1:Round 4Checkpoint 1
Area 2:Round 1Checkpoint 2
Area 2:Round 2Checkpoint 2
Area 2:Round 3Checkpoint 4
Area 2:Round 4Checkpoint 2, use springboard, land on 3rd rock of 3.
Area 3:Round 1Checkpoint 1. in rock underneath rising platform.
Area 3:Round 2Checkpoint 3
Area 3:Round 3Checkpoint 4
Area 3:Round 4Checkpoint 4, in first rock.
Area 4:Round 1Checkpoint 3, last rock in group of 3.
Area 4:Round 2Checkpoint 4, in a rock by two flames.
Area 4:Round 3Checkpoint 1
Area 4:Round 4Checkpoint 1
Area 5:Round 1Checkpoint 4, last rock in pair.
Area 5:Round 2Checkpoint 2, in second rock.
Area 5:Round 3Checkpoint 3, in first rock.
Area 5:Round 4Checkpoint 2
Area 6:Round 1Checkpoint 2
Area 6:Round 2Checkpoint 3
Area 6:Round 3Checkpoint 2, rock after 2 springboards.
Area 6:Round 4Checkpoint 3, last rock before checkpoint 4.
Area 7:Round 1Checkpoint 4
Area 7:Round 2Checkpoint 4
Area 7:Round 3Checkpoint 1, first rock (after a flame).
Area 7:Round 4Checkpoint 3
Area 8:Round 1Checkpoint 4
Area 8:Round 2Checkpoint 2, fifth rock.
Area 8:Round 3Checkpoint 3
Area 8:Round 4Checkpoint 4, in rock on middle of cloud.
Area 9:Round 1Checkpoint 3, use springboard.
Area 9:Round 2Checkpoint 2
Area 9:Round 3Checkpoint 2, in fifth rock, before Coal Kids.
Area 9:Round 4Checkpoint 3, last rock, right before checkpoint 4.
Area 10:Round 1Checkpoint 1, first rock.
Area 10:Round 2Checkpoint 4
Area 10:Round 3Checkpoint 4, third flame.
Area 10:Round 4Checkpoint 4, first flame.

The "Warped Gates"

The "Warped Gates" lead to bonus stages. Collect hearts for points in these bonus areas. The gate locations are given below.

Warp Gate ItemLocation
A HandbagArea 1, Round 1, Checkpoint 2: First Banana
A Pair of GlassesArea 2, Round 3, Checkpoint 2: Third Banana
A Wrist WatchArea 3, Round 1, Checkpoint 1: Second Banana
A PendantArea 4, Round 3, Checkpoint 2: Banana between two trees.
A Pair of ShoesArea 5, Round 3, Checkpoint 2: Banana above a flame.
A RingArea 6, Round 3, Checkpoint 1: Third Banana
A Teddy BearArea 7, Round 3, Checkpoint 1: Sixth Banana
A UmbrellaArea 8, Round 2, Checkpoint : 2: First Banana
A Bottle of PerfumeArea 9, Round 1, Checkpoint 1: First Banana
A Pair of SocksArea 10, Round 3, Checkpoint 1: Second Banana

The "SEGA Signs"

Throughout the game, yellow boxes with letters on them will appear. Collect the letters that spell "Sega" to make all fruit items worth 500 points. Some letter locations are given below.

Area 1, Round 1, Checkpoint 4
Area 1, Round 2, Checkpoint 1
Area 1, Round 4, Checkpoint 2
Area 3, Round 1, Checkpoint 1
Area 3, Round 3, Checkpoint 1
Area 4, Round 3, Checkpoint 2
Area 5, Round 4, Checkpoint 4
Area 7, Round 2, Checkpoint 2

We have not yet determined whether certain letters will only appear in certain locations, or if getting a letter in one location prevents letters in other locations from appearing. However, letters are always collected in "S", "E", "G", "A" order.

Area 9, Round 4 Ending

Thank you for risking your
life to rescue me.
Oh, Tom-Tom,
I love you so much.

The End

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