The sound of Maria's screams echoes in your ears as the vans speed away. It's a fate worse than death. The beautiful Maria has been kidnapped by the city's most fearsome gang: The Rogues. Only you can get her back!

Block after block, street after street is filled with the gang's members. As the Vigilante, you must fight your way through punks, thugs, and Area Bosses to reach The Rogues' headquarters. There awaits your destiny...and Maria's!

Defend your turf and rescue your babe in this action-packed arcade adventure from Sega!



Maria, your beautiful girlfriend, has been kidnapped by an evil gang of thugs and punks: The Rogues.

Up to now, they have stayed on their own turf. However, their sheer numbers have made them bold. And Maria is the first victim!

You are the Vigilante, master of the ancient art of Kung-fu. Nobody is as brave...or as determined to stop the Rogues. Maria is your babe...and you are going to get her back. Eyes narrowed, heart pounding, you know what you must do.

Immediately you begin your trek down the street, headed for the gang's headquarters. No one touches your beloved Maria. No one terrorizes the people on your turf! One against many, you set out alone.

Fight dirty if you must. Use every skill you possess to battle your way through the streets. Knock out the punks and finish off the five Area Bosses. But your final quest is inside the Rogues' headquarters. there you will find your beautiful Maria...and the Big Boss. Succeed, and you'll leave together, the streets freed of The Rogues. Fail, and your fate and hers are sealed forever!

Take Control

SMS Control Pad

For 1 player only. Use Control Pad 1 to move Vigilante.

Use your Control Pads to do the following:

Move Vigilante left, right, or crouch.
Button 1:
Starts game.
Use to punch or wield Nunchucks.
Button 2:
Starts game.
Use to kick.
Buttons 1 & 2:
Press both to jump.

Battling the Gang Members

The only weapons that Vigilante possesses are his own abilities to punch and kick, and Nunchucks founds along the way.

When the enemy approcahes, use Button 1 or Button 2 to fight with kicks and punches.

Depending on the enemy's attack, use the D-Button to crouch or Buttons 1 & 2 to jump. You can jump-and-kick or crouch-and-kick as well.

Game Start


In the beginning, Vigilante does not have Nunchucks. As you move down the street, you will see it on the ground. Move over it and crouch to pick it up.

After obtaining the Nunchucks, use Button 1 to attack using this weapon.

You never know where The Rogues are hiding and when they will attack. Be on guard at all times!

The most important thing to be aware of:
"The Choke Hold." Gang members, given the chance, will grab you by the throat and choke you until your life is gone.

Choke Hold

Press your D-Button SIDE-TO-SIDE to get away. If you are hit with chains, clubs, or other weapons while being choked, you will sustain extreme damage. Therefore, try not to be choked, or get away from their choke-hold as quickly as possible. (See "Helpful Hints.")

Battle Places

You'll be chasing the van that abducted Maria as it drives through town. There are gang members hiding and waiting all along the vehicle's route. Places where The Rogue gang members can be found hiding include:

Game Object

The objective of the game is to defeat The Rogues and save Maria. To do so, you must first take care of numerous street thugs and five Area Bosses. Get to the gang's headquarters. Here, you will fight the Big Boss. Destroy him, free Maria, and you have won the game!

Score Screen

Map of screen

Life Gauge

When Vigilante receives damage through punches, chokes, and weapon hits, his life gauge bar will be shortened. When the life gauge disappears, Vigilante goes down and is dead. However, if you successfully complete a level, the life gauge will return to its original length.


The limited time for each level is 90. When Vigilante appears, the countdown will start. When the time reaches 0, Vigilante will fall. The time will restart at 90 two more times, however, when Vigilante has fallen a total of three times, the game is over.

Game Continue

Game Over screen

When the game ends, you have the option to start a new game or continue. If you continue, you start at the beginning of the last round you played in, with a score of 0. To continue, point the arrow to CONTINUE and push Button 1 or 2. You may use this CONTINUE option as many times as you wish.

Score and Bonus Score

Your score is totalled at the end of each round.

The remaining time left after defeating the gang on any of the five levels will be added up as a Bonus Score. It is calculated, as follows:

Remaining Time x 100 = Bonus Score.

Rogues Gang Members

Common Thugs


CHOKEHOLD...300 Points
He is wearing a white sleeveless T-shirt. He will attack with his fists. If you are not careful, he will choke Vigilante.


MO-PUNK...300 Points
He has a Mohawk haircut. He will attack with kicks and punches.


Dirty Jack

DIRTY JACK...300 Points
He carries a switchblade. Watch him! He will come in close and try to cut you.

Club Thug

CLUB THUG...300 Points
He attacks with a club. Get him before he gets you!

Wild Wacko

WILD WACKO...300 Points
He attacks with chains. Stay clear! Use your Nunchucks.

Rogue Rider

ROGUE RIDER...300 Points
He rides a motorcycle and will happily run you down! Knock him off his cycle, but watch out for others!


Hitman Harry

HITMAN HARRY...300 Points
He will stand or squat down and shoot you with a gun. Jump out of the way, if you can!


The Bosses

Harly Hog

BOSS #1:
HARLY HOG...300 Points

He'll attack with kicks and punches, and will put a choke hold on you if he gets close enough.

Mad Dog

BOSS #2:
MAD DOG...300 Points

He attacks using roundhouse kicks and back kicks.


Macehead the Horrible

BOSS #3:

He may have no hair, but he has a murderous mace!

Iron Brian

BOSS #4:
IRON BRIAN...300 Points

He'll attack with punches and kicks, besides tossing heavy iron balls at you!


BOSS #5:
GIANT DEFIANT...300 Points

The last of the Area Bosses. He kicks and punches, but he'd much rather choke you!


Helpful Hints