Thunder Blade

You are the Gunship Gladiator. In minutes you will fly the world's most advanced fighting helicopter into battle against rebel forces.

Your mission: Save your country by destroying the rebel's gigantic mobile fortresses! It's a battle you will fight over land and sea ... in cities, caves and refineries.

This time it's you ... against all of them!

Mission Profile

Rebel forces have invaded your country. Their plan is to overthrow the government and replace it with their cruel and corrupt dictator ... who will stop at nothing to get what he wants!

The rebels have won battle after battle, rolling over your country's troops with superior forces of tanks, helicopters, and huge mobile bases that act as nerve centers from which they crush your country's defenses. In only a matter of days, the invaders will be knocking at your capitol's doorstep. But there is one last ray of hope. You.

You are the finest helicopter pilot alive, a battle-scarred veteran of countless skirmishes; the one they call the Gunship Gladiator. Your mission: pilot "Thunder Blade," an advanced attack helicopter ... in a you - against them battle to rid your homeland of the invading hoards.

You must single-handedly blast your way through the enemy's defenses. To rid your country of the rebel menace once and for all, find and destroy their secret mobile strongholds.


Thunder Blade consists of four stages:

Stage 1: Urban Combat
Stage 2: Mountain/Desert
Stage 3: River Delta
Stage 4: Refinery

In each stage, you will do battle with both ground and air forces.

Scenes are presented in two fashions: vertically and horizontally.

Vertical scene, stage 1 Horizontal scene, stage 2

At the end of each stage you will engage in combat with one of the enemy's super fortresses.

Thunder Blade starts out with three helicopters. The game is over when all three are destroyed, or when the enemy's last stronghold is defeated. After the first 500,000 points are scored, you will be awarded an extra helicopter, plus one extra helicopter for every million points scored after that.

Taking Control

Thunder Blade is a one-person game. Press Button 1 on the Control Pad to start the action.

SMS control pad

Moves Thunder Blade in 8 directions.

Button 1:
Fires the Chain Cannon.

Button 2:
Fires Straight Line air-to-ground missiles.

Your Gunship

Thunder Blade helicopter

Thunder Blade's Chain Cannon is a rapid-fire 30 mm automatic weapon of frightening destructive power. It can demolish an enemy helicopter or airplane with one quick burst.

Chain Cannon air-to-ground missile

Thunder Blade is also supplied with unlimited Straight Line air-to-ground missiles. To strike a target at land or at sea, position yourself in a direct line with the enemy's vehicle and press Button 2. Missiles aren't well suited for rapid fire, so timing is of the essence. Missiles cannot shoot at enemy aircraft ... only ground craft.

Thunder Blade, front view

The most effective method of destroying the enemy is to use the Chain Cannon on flying objects and Straight Line missiles on the enemy on land or sea.

Thunder Blade, side view

Know the Enemy:

AH-6NS Sparrow Hawk Attack Helicopter AH-6NS Sparrow Hawk Attack Helicopter

AH-6NS Sparrow Hawk Attack Helicopter.... 1,000 Points

A4U-N2 Corsair Fighter Aircraft A4U-N2 Corsair Fighter Aircraft

A4U-N2 Corsair Fighter Aircraft... 1,000 Points

Type-74 Bengal Tiger Tank Type-74 Bengal Tiger Tank

Type-74 Bengal Tiger Tank.... 2,000 Points

ASH-04 Barracuda Torpedo Cruiser ASH-04 Barracuda Torpedo Cruiser

ASH-04 Barracuda Torpedo Cruiser... 2,000 Points

F-14 Meercat Jet Fighter F-14 Meercat Jet Fighter

F-14 Meercat Jet Fighter.... 1,000 Points

SRS-78AI Blackbird SRS-78AI Blackbird

Stage 1 Mobile Fortress:
SRS-78AI Blackbird... 2,000 Points

Marauder Troop Carrier Marauder Troop Carrier

Stage 2 Mobile Fortress
Marauder Troop Carrier... 2,000 Points

BA-001 Mermaster Invasion Craft BA-001 Mermaster Invasion Craft

Stage 3 Fortress
BA-001 Mermaster Invasion Craft... 2,000 Points


Stage 4 Command Fortress ....
2,000 Points.

No one knows the identity of this monstrous command fortress. Those who have seen it seldom live to tell the tale. If you destroy this rebel nerve center, you will save your country from almost certain doom.

Bonus Points

As you clear each stage, you earn bonus points depending on the number of rebel craft destroyed. A creen at the end of the round will let you know how many bonus points you received.

Stage 1 End screen
Craft Destroyed Bonus Points
0 - 49 0
50 - 79 10,000
80 - 99 20,000
100 - 119 50,000
120 - 139 100,000
140 - 159 200,000
160 + 400,000

Helpful Hints