Ocean (Dannoura)


B = Bracers
H = Helmet
L = Lute
V = Vajira
W = Whirlpool
Thick bordered boxes = screens containing an evil spirit

Evil Spirits
Evil spirits will not allow you to move forward or jump in the ocean, although you can move left, right, and back. If you perform any action except moving (left, right, or back) or using the lute, the evil spirit will attack. Evil spirits must be defeated using the lute.

The first item you retrieve should be the lute. To get it, you must use the X-ray glasses and then jump into the ocean. You will find the monk's spirit playing the lute. You must use the spell Kannon to put his spirit at rest. You will then be able to pick up the lute. (Throw the spell quickly; if you wait too long, you will lose strength points.) The rest of the items must be retrieved by jumping into the ocean as well. You need only use the X-ray glasses once.

After you defeat all the evil spirits, you must use the lute in one of the "USE LUTE" screens. You will then be able to move into the whirlpool screen. Here, you must use the lute. The lute will break open and you will find a string of beads. Use the string of beads. Then use the X-ray glasses. Then jump into the ocean. Move right and fall into the hole. Move right until you come to several spiraling jets of water. You can move safely through the jets of water only when they are reduced to the smallest size. When you come to the temple, throw the spell Kannon. The spirits will leave the Sword of Kusanagi. Take it and return to the boat. Use the Sword to defeat Iwato and his men.


Go to the east side of the pyramid and throw the spell Fudo to burn away the grass. This will reveal an entrance. Go into the pyramid. Move all the way to right and pick up the pyramid point. Go outside. Throw the spell Makiri to fly up to the top of the pyramid. Use the pyramid point. This will open up an entrance on the south side of the pyramid. Throw Makiri to fly back down to the ground and go to the south side. Go into the pyramid. See the map to find your way through the pyramid.

The purpose of these maps is to present a general idea of the inside of the pyramid. Distances are not proportional. There are numerous doorways, but only those that lead to something of significance are labelled. The rest eventually lead to dead-end passages.
The red walls are walls that can only be broken with the warhammer.
The blue balls replenish your strength.
The diagonal lines represent stairs.
The white-striped segments of the floor represent the general locations of broken floor areas.

You will need to fight an enemy; once you defeat him, you will be able to pick up the war hammer. The hammer will allow you to break through brick walls (marked red on the map).

Body Armor
The body armor is hidden behind the top four bricks in the wall. (See map.) You will need to use the spell Makiri to reach the armor.

At the top of the stairs, you will be confronted by a demon. The demon will command Regina to attack you. You must talk to her four times.


The Evil Lord and his armies
have been defeated.
But as long as sufferring
exists, the threat that
The Dark Lord will return

You must strive to relieve
that sufferring. The road
ahead of you is long, hard
and endless. You must not
pause, but journey ever
onward. For that is your
destiny, master of spells.

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