Space Harrier

Continue 1

To continue, hold the D-button down and to the left and push button 1 when "GAME OVER" appears on the screen. This will allow 3 continues. (Listed in instruction book.)

Continue 2

You can also continue by pushing the D-botton up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, down, up, down, up when the words "GAME OVER" appear on the screen. This will allow 9 continues.

Sound Test

During the title screen, push the D-button right, left, down, up. This may require several attempts.


While in the sound test, make the following selections in this order: 7, 4, 3, 7, 4, 8, 1. An options screen will appear that will allow you to change the level of difficulty, the down/up controls, and your character. Note: Neither the human nor the jet appears to have any advantage in gameplay.

Bonus Stage

If, in either bonus stage, you succeed in hitting five or less objects, a space ship will fly across the top of the screen. Shoot it and you will get 10,000,000 points and an extra life.


When fighting bosses, try flying around the edge of the screen in a circular fashion.

Provided your character is at the top of the screen, you can safely fly over Incaic poles, Towers of Control and Inhabited Towers (but only in the default skill level, easy).

Stage 9
The Dom at the end of stage nine can only be destroyed when its color changes to green.

Underground stages
In the underground stages (4, 9, 14), the game moves faster. It might be advantageous to ignore the mukadense's and concentrate on dodging the Towers of Doom and Binzbeans. Each wave of Binzbeans alternates between being on the ground and in the air.

Final Boss Demo

In the title screen, wait until the music is about to end (for example, when you hear the firing noise). On control pad 2, press and hold the D-button left. The Haya Oh demo appears. (It is not very helpful for learning strategy, however, since the player is killed almost immediately.)

Secret Message

Enter ERI for your initials in all seven top scores and the following message appears:
Wornderful   Fantastic

You, Smart guy

Please send us your thoughts
to this game. We'll answer a
letter with something to the
first ten persons.

So, forgive us, if your letter
is out of ten, we can't reply
to yours.

By the way, can you see why
you can find this message?

    Sega Enterprises LTD.
   R,D No.4 "Space Harrier"
     1,2,12 Haneda, OTA KU
       Tokyo, Japan  144


Once upon a time there existed a beautiful utopia located far, far beyond the most distant galaxy of the universe called "DRAGON LAND." It was a peaceful world brimming over with life and light. Then suddenly in the space year 6226, a dastardly scheme carefully orchestrated by the evil one was unleashed on this land which had once been a "GARDEN OF EDEN." Supernatural phenomena became rampant throughout the devastated planet and barbaric and evil creatures could literally be seen roaming everywhere. Although everything imaginable appeared to have been destroyed on "DRAGON LAND", the only living thing that continued to resist the forces of evil was URIAH, a friendly dragon. He was nearly at his wits' end in his unrelenting search for a savior, when lo and behold, a fighter from Earth with superhuman ability and physic powers heard his plea for help and arrived on the scene to help save the day. Now with the whole universe as your audience, a legendary battle that is surely destined to be passed down to future generations is about to unfold. WELCOME TO THE FANTASY ZONE


Congratulations You win Uriah THE END Space Harrier Saga Epilogue The battle has ended in a resounding success. Every single barbaric creature has been eliminated from Dragon Land and the menacing shadow of the evil one can no longer be seen. Never again will the planet fall victim to the invasion of a mad ruler. Peace has been restored and the land that once abounded with death and devastation will soon become alive and overflowing with greenery and animals of every description. Yes, the victory was certainly a decisive one. But what of the mysterious flying citadel? Why did it inflict such destruction on Dragon Land?... What if its aim was not merely one of carnage, but instead constituted only part of a master plan of intrigue? With the undying gratitude of Uriah, the gallant warrior disappears towards another troubled spot in the universe. Thus, the first chapter in the "Space Harrier Saga" comes to a close, but not for long. Up ahead, awaiting our hero, is another life and death battle in his never ending crusade to liberate those who yearn to be free. The End

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