Hold the D-button down in the lower right corner on pad1 while simultaneously holding the D-button down in the upper left corner and pressing button 1 on pad 2. Keep the buttons in these positions while turning on the power. Wait until the screen says "Press Start Button" before releasing the buttons. Start the game as normal.

Sound Test

In the "Continue" screen, a countdown starts. Rotate the D-button counter-clockwise until the countdown stops. The sound test selection screen appears.

12 Continues

During the continue countdown (after losing three lives) rotate the D-button clockwise quickly and the number of credits you have increases to a maximum of 12 continues. Do not let the countdown timer run out, or you will lose all your continues. If you don't get all 12 continues the first time, you can get the rest next time. (With this method, twelve is the maximum number of continues you can get, regardless of the number of attempts.)

30 Continues

Enter the sound test mode and change the number to 00. Hold down button 2 on pad 1 and push left on the D-button. The number changes to 95. Push and hold left on the D-button until the number changes to 62. Press button 1 to play the sound three times. Then cycle back to 00 and press button 1. When the countdown resumes, rotate the D-button clockwise to get more credits. Thirty is the most you can get with this method.

Unlimited Continues

Enter the sound test mode and change the number to 00. Hold down button 2 on pad 1 and push left on the D-button. The number changes to 95. Start at 95 and push button 1. Keep selecting each number down to 00 (be sure to pause briefly before selecting another number). At 00 hold down button 1 until the countdown resumes. Rotate the D-button clockwise to get more credits. This method allows unlimited credits.

Super Stage

At the end of stage 4 (when almost the entire screen is filled with cells,) two large open areas can be found at the top of the screen. Move your ship into the first blank area and hit the left wall with the back of your ship (see screen shot below). This takes you to a secret level. If you complete this level, you go directly to level 5.

What's This? Superstage!


A single super-shot at the slightly different cannon will take out the entire ring in stage 1. (See screen shot below.)

Ring of Cannons
No Problem!


  1. Krell: Shoot the green face (or shoot a droid there).
  2. Gomanda: Shoot the eye. A single well-placed super-shot above the eye can destroy Gomanda. (See screen shot below)


  3. Mega Battle Ship: Shoot the gray pod at the end (on the top) while it is open (exposing red interior). Reflecting lasers work well, or try a carefully aimed super-shot.
  4. Monpaira: Shoot the green windows. Careful, Monpaira splits into three.
  5. Kraken: Destroy all the aliens and shoot the star-shaped object in the red spot. (The red droid power-up weapon and alien-seeking missles are great help against this boss.)
  6. (No Boss)
  7. Buronko: Shoot the blue window.
  8. Bydo: Shoot your droid into Bydo's mouth.
  • Super-stage Boss: Shoot blue eyes.


Thanks to your brave
fighting. The cosmos
restored peace. The Bydo
Empire was annihilated to
never scare people again.
Your name will remain in
the universe forever. Thank
you for playing the game
to the end.
Staff of Irem

Enjoy the bonus game again!

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