It's your against the creatures of the evil Bydo Empire! Pilot the supersecret R-9 fighter spacecraft through waves of aliens and their deadly war machines.


They came from a dimensional plane clear across the galaxy, wreaking havoc and chaos from star system to star system. With an evil that smothers all resistance with fear and terror, the horrid creatures of the Bydo Empire are now knocking on Earth's front door.

The Earth Defense League has one ray of hope to stop the wave of terror: R-9, a supersecret spacecraft capable of striking the enemy in their own dimensonal plane. When flown by a hot pilot like you, the R-9 can rip through bug-eyed monsters faster than a light saber through butter. But the horrendous creatures of the Bydo Empire are more than claws and pointy teeth; they've got some pretty impressive hardware, too, so stay frosty! Earth's future depends on you!

R-Type Title Screen

Taking Control

SMS Control Pad
Moves your ship in eight directions.
Button 1:
Fires your ship's energy weapons. Press repeatedly for rapid-fire pulse beam action, or hold the button before firing to activate R-9's laser blast. The longer you continue to hold the button, the more energy is accumulated and the more destructive power unleashed.
Button 2:
To Merge and Separate Droid units, valuable additions to your ship that are acquired during the game.

Your Ship: The R-9

R-9 is Earth's most advanced and deadly spaceship. It is equipped with a nuclear fusion reactor for unlimited propulsion and weapons fire. At the start of the game, you have three R-9's at your disposal. When all your ships are lost, the game is over.

When you reach a score of 50,000 points, and extra R-9 will be awarded. Other ships are awarded after reaching scores of 150,000, 250,000, 400,000, and 600,000 points.

R-Type: The R-9


SPEED: 208 km/sec.

WEIGHT: 31.0 t

SPAN: 10.8 m

LENGTH: 16.2 m

HEIGHT: 5.1 m

Battle Stages

R-Type is played in eight different stages:

    Frontline base
  1. The Bydo Empire's frontline base.


    The Bydo caves
  3. The Bydo caves.


    The Mega battleship
  5. The Mega battleship.


    The Terrible Mechanical cells
  7. The Terrible Mechanical cells.


    The underwater caves
  9. The underwater caves.


    The warehouse labyrinth
  11. The warehouse labyrinth.


    The eroding city
  13. The eroding city.


    The Bydo Empire Home Base
  15. The Bydo Empire Home Base.


At the end of each stage is a tough boss alien protecting entry into the next level. You must defeat them to advance. By defeating the last creature at the end of level 8, you win the game and save the universe!

Your score and the number of remaining R-9 spaceships will be displayed at the clearing of each stage, but not during the battle scenes.

Droid Units

When Bydo POW Armor is destroyed, it releases Droid Units which look like metal spheres. To obtain Droids, fly through the blue force gem and the Droid will appear from the left side of the screen.

If you push Button 2, the Droid will advance toward R-9 and join with the ship. Droids shoot pulse beams in tandem with R-9 and cannot be destroyed. You can place the Droid in either the front or the rear of R-9 by steering your ship, wherever it will help you destroy the enemy best. Droids will absorb some types of enemy shots.

By pushing Button 2 again, you can separate R-9 from the Droid for an effective battle formation, depending on the enemy units attacking you. If the Droid gets a bit too far away, push Button 2 and bring it up close. The Droid will also fly on a diagonal line from you. You can use this ability to shoot a path of destruction through the enemy, or to concentrate fire on specfic targets!

Laser performance and destructive power of the Droid change depending on how many Droid gems units you obtain (one, two, or three), and whether or not the Droid is attached to the R-9.

After obtaining the second Droid gem, the Droid is able to shoot pulse beams diagonally up or down when separated from R-9. When the third Droid gem is obtained, it will shoot pulsed beams up/down and diagonally up/down when separated from R-9.

Powering Up

To have any chance at all of killing the Bydo Empire's nastier creatures, R-9 needs to "power up." Power Up parts also appear when you defeat Bydo POW Armor units. After shooting them, POW Armor units drop various "unit symbols," which you pick up by flying over them.

There are six different types of unit symbols.

Reflecting Laser Droid Gem

1: Reflecting Laser Force Units (blue) - Rather than firing in a straight line, this powerful laser beam ricochets off objects.


Antiair Laser Droid Gem

2: Antiair Laser Force Units (red) - This ring-style laser shoots in a straight line, but has the strongest demolishing power, since the width of the ring is very wide, making it easy to hit the enemy.


Speed unit

3: Speed Units - Increase the speed of your R-9 ship each time it is obtained.


Antiland Laser Droid Gem

4: Antiland Laser Force Unit (yellow) - Shoots both top and bottom (up and down). When it hits an obstacle, it runs along the surface until it destroys an enemy in its path. This weapon excels during fights with the Mega Battleship and during cave fights.


Twin Missiles Twin Missiles unit

5: Twin Missle Units - Homing radar automatically guides twin missiles to the nearest target. They can hit two targets at once.


Bit units Bit unit

6: Bit Units - Up to two "Bits" (round power spheres that float above and below your ship) can be added to the R-9. They can shoot pulse beams, and kill the enemy when touched.


Villains of The Bydo Empire

Zipp Bagut Manx
100 points. Superspeed, moves from right to left.
200 points. Attacks in formation.
200 points. Will attack in groups.
Skimmer POW Armor Gondolan
200 points. Slides on the surface.
POW Armor
200 points. Carries Power and Droid Units.
200 points. 15 Cannons that rotate.
Fritz Mikkun Getrudo
200 points. Advances from right to left in a straight line.
200 points. Appears from top and bottom of walls.
200 points. Eats Mechanical Cells.
Cancer Clinger Basua
300 points. Matches the height of R-9 and attacks.
300 points. Moves in line with wall and shoots.
300 points. Chases R-9.
Suotron Middok Sonar
400 points. Flies at high speeds while shooting Mechanical Cells.
400 points. Shoots continuous stream of laser beams.
400 points. Appears from the center of the earth and shoots.
Crabb Zoid Skianto
500 points. Appears from inside the ground and swims in the air.
500 points. Changes body appearance and attacks.
500 points. Shoots laser blasts.
Rocker Dauber Barucca
500 points. Shoots missile barrages.
800 points. Shoots attacking missiles in large quantities.
800 points. Discharges Zoids.
Jidak Mura
800 points. Shoots continuous stream of laser beams.
1,000 points. The pink window is its weakness.
(head) 800 points.
(body) 300 points.
When hit on head, breaks into pieces and scatters.
Borudo Vin
1,500 points. A moving obstacle that will not attack but is difficult to destroy.
Indestructible. Moves from end to end of the screen. Watch its movement and avoid it.

Boss Aliens

You'll encounter these bad guys at the end of each round.


Krell (1st Stage)
5,000 points.
The middle face is its weakness. Beware of the tail and death rays.



Gomanda (2nd Stage)
8,000 points.
Guarded by a death snake. Shoot it in the eye when it opens.


Mega Battleship

Mega Battleship (3rd Stage)
10,000 points.
Equipped with many cannons. Circle from below and blast the upper piston.


Monpaira (4th Stage)
15,000 points.
Many ships pulled together into one. Its weakness is when it separates. Watch the green windows.


Kraken (5th Stage)
2,000 points.
Guarded by numerous octopi. Center into the middle red shiny spots and shoot.


Buronku (7th Stage)
0 points.
The spot that shines bluish is its weakness. Beware of waste particles that fall from above.


Bydo (8th Stage)
15,000 points.
The rule of the Bydo Empire. No one knows its weakness, but a wise use of Droids may be the key.

NOTE: In the 6th stage, there is no Boss Alien.

Helpful Hints

Try running your fingers clockwise or counterclockwise around your D-Button. If it's during the right time and place, there's no telling what might happen!

Watch the demonstration screens carefully to get a good understanding of the attack hints.

Learn how the game advances, and don't let needed Power Units get away.

Master the separation and coming together of Droids. In order to defeat the bosses, clever use of Droids is very important.