The Event

After months of hard training and sacrificing everything for this moment; Rocky is about to enter world class boxing with some of the toughest contenders the ring has ever known.

And you can play the courageous Rocky, or one of his notorious opponents in this battle for the title and the glory.

You'll have to play aggressively and never falter, because one good punch could mean the end for you. Or it could mean the knockout you've been playing for.

It's Blow By Blow

Before you begin playing, orient yourself with the movements and functions each button is geared to prompt. You'll have to be very quick for knockout combinations, but if you train diligently, and practice these executions; the title is yours for the taking.

Individual Functions:

Each button on your control pad will prompt a series of its own critical moves.

Your Directional Button

  • Guide your fighter's footwork.
  • Determine which punch to execute.
  • Button 1:
  • Guard face and abdomen.
  • Duck (bend from knees).
  • Button 2:
    Depending on distance between players.
  • Uppercut.
  • Hook.
  • Straight-On Punch.
  • Now that you're familiar with the basics, here's the setup for winning blows.


    The uppercut can only be dealt to your opponent when there is little distance between you (less than an arm's length). When you're this close, execute uppercut.


    The hook can be executed in both situations: when the distance between you and your opponent is either far or near.

    Straight-On Punch:

    The straight-on punch can only be used when there is substantial distance (an arm's length or more) between you and your opponent.


    When you're on the defense, you can guard your body no matter what the distance is between you and your opponent.


    To move your player about the ring does not really require any specific buttons for execution. It requires the right situation, because your player will be prohibited from moving unless you satisfy these conditions:

    Take Control

    Meet the Fighters

    There are three fighters in this game to challenge Rocky. And they're all after the same thing: to win the championship.

    Apollo Creed

    The reigning champion whose experience and strength make him nearly undeatable.

    Clubber Lang

    A worthy contender whose hunger for the title is overpowering until he achieves it.


    A rank amateur from the U.S.S.R. whose spirit to win is unrivaled.

    1P vs. 2P Matches:

    Once you've chosen your competition, know these minor differences between the games for interesting play.


    Rocky: Versus Screen

    Time To Train

    There are three separate training sessions, one before every match, to give you the exact skills you'll need to win. Because every opponent has their own deadly techniques to contend with.

    How to Qualify:

    The objective in training is to qualify, which is to meet the numerical limit specified on your screen. But there are advantages to over-qualifying which will promote more sophisticated boxing. Here's why.

    Rocky: Training Screen Time
    (limited time for training)

    (number of punches achieved)

    (number of punches needed to energize Rocky before match)

    Qualifying Advantages:

    Each training session will give you a specific advantage over your opponent.


    Punching Ball: Punching Mitts:

    Skip Training:

    It's possible to skip training and start the match immediately by pushing your D-button in any direction and press Button 1 or 2 when you see the screen describing the training content.

    But remember, if you skip training, Rocky will not be energized.


    Finally, you're in the ring and it's time to prove your worth. But first, know the score.

    Power Meter:

    During game play, there are two power meters which measure the strength of you and your opponent.

    Rocky: Boxing Screen

    If you keep an eye on them during the game, you'll be able to estimate when you're likely to take a fall because your power meter will be low. Naturally, when your power meter is full, you're strong and able to withstand more punches.

    Now, when your opponent's power meter is low, he's not only weak, but if you've energized well during the 1-P game, your punches will knock him out more quickly.


    Rocky: Resting Screen

    So, watch those meters, guard yourself when necessary and go for the attack when your opponent is vulnerable.

    Rules and Regulations:

    There are 15 rounds per game (3 minutes per round with 1 minute intervals).

    The game clock indicated on the screen is three times faster than real time.