Rescue Mission

Note that when you shoot a mine, the explosion sends out shrapnel. This shrapnel is still enough to knock the handcart off the track, so be sure to shoot the mines well before the handcart gets to them.

There are a few areas in which the track runs along the edge of the screen. Watch these areas carefully since enemies can run/fly in and attack without much warning. Also keep in mind that an enemy does not have to be entirely on the screen to attack.

Note that if your character is at full health, picking up first aid kits (which are left behind by rescued soldiers) will destroy all enemies on the screen. Rather than picking them up right away, learn the enemies' attack patterns and use the first aid kits strategically to clear difficult situations.


      Letter of commendation
Your success in accomplishing
an extremely difficult mis-
sion has enabled our forces
to score a great victory.
As a token of our appreci-
ation for your courageous
action in rescuing your
wounded comrades while
braving a relentless battle-
field encounter with the ene-
my, this command takes great
honor in bestowing a medal
upon you.
Last, but certainly not
least, we would like to thank
you, the player, who also
fought so valiently through-
out the entire mission.
We hope that you will improve
your shooting skills
by continuing to use the
Sega Master System.

      THE END

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