Unlimited Continues

Before powering the system on, hold the D-button down and left and hold down both buttons. Turn the system on. Be sure to hold the buttons until the title screen comes up. If you have done this successfully, "RASTAN" will appear in blue letters instead of the usual gold letters.

Title Screen

Evil Lords

-- Try to defeat the Evil Lords as quickly as possible. The toxic air will reduce your life meter even if they do not hit you.

Kentorous - Stand on the elevated platform. Jump and plunge your sword down when he runs underneath.

Slayer - If you stand on the elevated platform, he will start flying. If you stay on the ground, this lord will stay on the ground as well. You must jump above the evil lord and plunge your sword down into him. You will need to find a good mix between standing on the platform and on the ground.

Aryous - Just get up close to him, crouch, and keep hitting him with your sword. When he teleports, go up to him again and hit him with your sword. Ideally, he should not have time to teleport more than twice.

Shukumas - Stay on the middle platform. Crouch and hit him in the head when he gets close enough.

Fedorak - Stand on one of the elevated platforms. Jump and plunge your sword down into his head. Crouch to avoid the projectiles he fires.

Note that due to very few encounters with the next two lords, we cannot advocate one strategy as superior to any others. Our observations of the following are limited.

Read Dragon - It appears that the Read Dragon does not shoot as accurately to the right as he does to the left. It appears that the best way to beat this enemy is wait until he stops moving, and get underneath (but slightly to the right) of his head. Jump and stab upwards so that you hit him on the right side of his head. (If you are directly beneath, you will hit him when you jump.) We have read that if you crouch in the corners of the screen, you will not be hit very much by the projectiles he shoots. (We have not found this particularly useful or true, however.)

Dragon Boss - Hit him in the head. If you can master the timing required, crouching on a platform and stabbing the Dragon Boss in the head is fairly effective, but be prepared to jump when he charges. Otherwise, jump and plunge, hitting him in the head. (Also, if the Dragon Boss gets too close and fires, you will be stuck in the stream. Should this happen, crouch and stab upwards.)

-- Many of these strategies recommend standing on an elevated platform. While not the case with every Evil Lord, it appears that the middle platform is the best one to stand on.


After I had safely escorted
 the princess to the country
 of Chamois, the king
 was very pleased and gave
 me many treasures.
Not only that, but he wanted
 me to marry her and some
 day succeed
 king's throne I loved the
And I think she also
 loved me too
However, she's not the person
 to be the wife of a thief
 like me.
I sneaked away quietly from
 the country of Chamois.
Again, aimless journey had
 started.  After all, it
 seems I'm a born wanderer.
The happening this time was
 an ordeal for me.
When I had overcome the ordeal,
 I got rid of the thief's mind.
I have no idea what kind of
 happening the fate was
 for me in the future.
However, I will always
 overcome it, and shall
 promise that
I will tell you about the new
 adventure story.

Now, this ends one of
     the stories of
     the "Rastan"

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