Partners in Crime

You and your buddy are ready for a little action tonight, 'cause you just happen to be in the mood to tear up the town. What a riot! You'll demolish buildings, grab and chomp horrified spectators and other yummy morsels, and flatten puny helicopters and other antagonists who try to stop you.

But you won't stop at just one town. This game has 10 cities for you to trash.

You can choose any one of three naughty monsters -- Ralph the Wolf, George the Ape, or Lizzie the Lizard. Ralph has the meanest punch. George is best at scaling buildings. And Lizzie -- that Lizzie -- she's the fastest thing on four feet.

Getting Ready

  1. Make sure the power switch is off, then insert the RAMPAGE cartridge into the Power Base.
  2. Plug in Control Pad 1 for a one-player game, and Control Pad 2 for a two-player game.
  3. Turn on the power switch and press Button #1 to begin the game.
  4. Press the UP or DOWN directional arrows to select a one- or two-player game, then press Button #1 again.
  5. An I will be displayed over the first monster. Press the RIGHT or LEFT directional arrows to move the I over the monster you want to control. Then press Button #1 again. For a two player game, a II will also be displayed. The second player can use the directional arrows on Control Pad 2 to move the II over their favorite monster.
  6. To pause in the middle of the game, press the Pause button on your Power Base. Press it again to continue.

Trashing Cities

SMS Control Pad

You can destroy as many as 10 American cities. Beginning with San Francisco, you'll make your way to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York. Each city has five different landscapes to lunch on.

Your goal is to demolish every building in each city while trying to avoid enemy fire.

As you CLIMB a building, you'll PUNCH holes in the walls and GRAB and CHOMP people and other delectables. Keep an eye out for helicopters and soldiers. A good PUNCH will lay 'em out cold.

Stalking through the City

To WALK right or left, press the directional arrows in the direction you want to move.

Scaling Walls

To CLIMB a building, move RIGHT or LEFT to approach it, then press the directional arrow UP to climb.

Looking Out for Number One

To LOOK up or down, press the UP or DOWN directional arrows.


Press the directional arrows in the direction you want to punch, then press Button #1.


Whenever you PUNCH certain enemies or innocent bystanders, you'll automatically GOBBLE them up.


To JUMP, press the directional arrows in the direction you want to jump, then press Button #2.

Watch where you're going: If you fall off a building before you jump, you'll suffer severe damage.

Your Energy Level

The DAMAGE BAR directly under your score lets you know how you're doing. If you run out of energy completely, you'll automatically turn into a measly human. You'll soon find out who your true friends are.

Tips for Cheaters