Power Strike

Extra Lives

In the title screen, after the music starts, hit down, right, down, down, left, right, up, right to start or continue the game with nine lives.

Hidden Round

After you finish the game, select the continue option in the title screen to go to round 0. (Round 0 is basically round one at a higher speed and with different colors. Getting past round 0 will bring you to round 6.)


Intermediate Bosses: Be prepared for intermediate bosses to start appearing in rounds four, five, and six. There is one in round four, three in round five, and five in round six.

Weapons: Stay away from #4, #5, #7, and #8. None of these will hit ground targets. #2 can be used defensively by simply holding down Button 2, but beware that it will automatically release itself after a period of time. #1 is probably the best weapon because it is the default, it is infinite, and it is directional. In addition to the #1 you start with, three more #1's will allow you to destroy the orange projectiles. Your #1 weapon increases in strength, even after you have picked up four.

Ending: Mission Complete

The End

The events, characters and
names depicted in this
game are fictitious

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