Power Strike II

Instruction Manual Clarifications

The manual for Power Strike II contains several errors and confusing statements.


Your special weapon strength does not reset when you pick up a new weapon. Any weapon number increases your special weapon strength, though not necessarily by a full unit. When you first start the game (and things are still relatively easy), pick up as many special weapons as you can. When your special weapon strength reaches 5 or 6, then decide which special weapon you want to keep and pick it up.

Use weapon 4, Absorption. When fully powered up, it is a fast weapon, and the shots seek enemies outside your direct line of fire, making it unlikely that you will get pinned down by enemy fire. Absorption also reveals hidden ground weapons by seeking them before they appear.

Randar! Extra life

The little blue "Randar" faces (not mentioned in the manual) give you an extra life and a weapon power-up.

Some enemies appear in waves or groups. Try to kill the whole group to receive extra items.

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