Poseidon Wars 3-D


At the Game Over screen, quickly press the D-button down 4 times, then right 3 times, then up twice, then left once. You will be able to continue from where you left off. Note that when the mission screen comes up, you will not be able to select a different round as you normally would.

Sound Test

At the title screen, quickly press the D-button up once, then left twice, then down 3 times, then right 4 times.

2-D Mode

At any point after the Sega Master System logo appears, press button 1 on control pad 2 and the games goes to 2-D mode.



The long drawn-out war
has ended in victory and
brought freedom to the
country. It is no exagger-
ation to say t
your numerous
acts of brav-
ery, we'd not
exist in our
present bliss-
full state.
Your action has thwarted
the foe's invasion, quick-
ly turned near defeat to
conquest, and in addition,
gave the enemy's main task
crushing blow.
In your role
as the Poseidon
savior,you per-
formed many mi-
raculous deeds,
a feat which
will earn you a
place in history as one of
our most gallan

You hereby
awarded a Navy
Cross for dis-
tinguished ser-
vice and given
the following secret com-

1. V.G.M. Selection:

Press the joystick up,
push it left 2 times, down
3 times and right 4 times.

2. Continue Game:

Push the Joystick down
4 times, righ 3 times, up
2 times and left.


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