The Ninja

Hidden Scroll Locations

  1. In round 1 (The Grassy Field), kill the fourth Transforming Ninja and he drops the scroll.
  2. In round 4 (The Shrine), Stand under the dog statue on the left and fire at it five times to make the scroll appear.
  3. In round 6 (The Town Street), look for the first Samurai house on the left. Cross the bridge over the moat and go to the bush in the upper left corner. Touch the bush from the bottom to make the scroll appear.
  4. In round 8 (The Residential Samurai Area), walk into the garden on the right side of the screen. Go to the top and touch the bush from the bottom to make the scroll appear.
  5. In round 9 (The Stone Wall), when you get to the top of the wall, go to the upper right corner and the scroll appears. Grab it quickly and you will not have to fight Ninniku. To stop the falling rocks, shoot the rock hole on the right side 46 times. This is not necessary, but it may make things a little easier.
Location of first scroll Location of second scroll Location of third scroll Location of fourth scroll Location of fifth scroll

Castle Basement

Entrance to castle basement

After you collect the fifth green scroll, the following message appears.

Contents of the scroll

The following is what is
inscribed on the scroll:

From the right side of
castle courtyard's third
stone lantern, throw your
knives 3 times and dis-
appear 3 times, then...

Did you take
a mental note of this?


If you can achieve a hit ratio of 100%, you will receive a 50000 point bonus. Use this in rounds 1, 3, 4, 6, and 8 to score extra points and extra lives. When multiple enemies appear on the screen, walk backwards to get enemies lined up vertically. Use pinwheel darts to hit multiple enemies with a single shot. (At the end of the round, if you have more hits than shots fired, the game considers your hit ratio to be 100% and you will receive the bonus.)

In round 2 (The Craggy Cliff), start by moving in a horizontal figure-8 pattern near the middle-bottom of the screen. Use button 2 to fire straight up. This allows you to move above and below the rolling rocks while fighting the ninjas that appear near the top of the screen. When ninjas start appearing on the left side of the screen, switch to Button 1 to attack. When Ninniku appears, switch back to button 2 to throw darts straight ahead.

In many places during the game, enemies attack you from behind. Generally, the best way to handle these situations is to use button 2 to take out a few of the attackers in front of you, then quickly move to either side of the screen. The attackers in front continue moving down, while the attackers behind you continue up. When they are lined up horizontally with you, a few shots will take them out. Make sure to give yourself enough room, since the attackers will move toward you diagonally. Use your disappearance ability (press both buttons simultaneously) if necessary, to avoid enemy darts.

When fighting Ninniku, your darts can block his. However, you cannot block his flying baton. The best way to beat him is to walk straight up to him (touching him will not kill you), using button 2 to fire straight ahead. Once you are inside the circular path of his baton, you can beat him easily.

When fighting Ninniku in round 3 (The Prairie), your Pinwheel Darts do not block his weapon. Make wide sweeps back and forth to the left and right while walking backwards. Use button 2 to fire straight ahead. There are certain windows of time when it is safe to move in front of him to attack. Learn the timing of these opportunities and be patient.

Use the disappearing trick in round 7 to avoid being trampled by the horses.

In the final round (The Castle Basement), fire constantly and keep moving. There are so many enemies that appear in front of you that your darts will often block enemy shots or hit enemies as they come on screen. Keep moving so that enemies behind you do not have the chance to aim. Try to avoid backtracking, or you will be overwhelmed by enemies. Occasionally, you will have to stop running to take out the enemies following you. Do not let the fire-blowing ninjas catch up to you. They can run faster, so once they get too close, you will not have enough room to turn around and attack. Use your disappearance ability to avoid enemy darts. When you reach the end of the round, use the few seconds before Gyokuro appears to kill as many of the remaining enemies as possible.

When fighting Gyokuro, your Pinwheel Darts can block his bullets. Do not let him get too close, though, or he may still kill you. Use button 2 to fire straight ahead while walking backward.

10 Million Points, 10 Extra Lives

In the first round, if you can get your total hit ratio down to 0%, you will receive 10 million points (which earns you 10 extra lives). Assuming you kill most of the enemies in the round, this will require a total shots count of around 4,000 - 4,200. The best way to do this is to take care of all the enemies in an area and find a rock or a tree to fire at, or go to the edge of the screen. (You are only allowed three darts on the screen at any time, so the quicker they hit something or go off the screen, the less time this trick will take.) If you have a rapid-fire joystick, find something to keep the button pressed down and come back 15 - 20 minutes later. If you do not have a rapid-fire joystick, you will have to press the button 4,000+ times manually.


You've accomplished your
mission,rescued the princess
and restored peace to Ohkami

Kazamaru and the princess
live happily ever after.

The End

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