Maze Hunter 3-D

Extra Lives

Before picking up iron bars, wait for a monster to move right in front of the bar. Then pick up the bar, the monster will be killed and you'll receive an extra life.

In most rounds, this trick is too risky to recommend. When the iron bar is found in a corner, or when there are fast or unpredictable enemies nearby, you may end up getting yourself killed more often than gaining an extra life.


After the Game Over screen, the title screen reappears. At the title screen, press and hold the D-button in the upper-left position while simultaneously pressing buttons 1 and 2. The title disappears and two numbers appear in the upper-right corner. The first number is the area. The second is the round. You can continue from any round previous to the one you died in.




Welcome to the
hall of strength!

You have survived the
labyrinth and all its
dangers. Your name
and the story of your
strength will become
a legend among ships
that journey the
stars! Now go forth
into the universe to
even greater
Walk proudly among
all men, for you have
earned the right
to be called
Maze Hunter!

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Last updated: 11 May, 2002