Land of Illusion

Hidden Treasure Chests

Make hidden treasure chests appear by getting beneath them, jumping, and doing a bounce attack.


Above ladder vine near tree top Mouse Ears


Platform with blue grass near beginning Large Coin

Blacksmith's Castle

Left of platform with first exit Large Coin

A few steps past first checkpoint Large Coin

Right after lava pit Small Coin

Corner of the platform above power star Mouse Ears

Against the wall above last exit Large Cake

Castle Ruins

Behind the candelabrum Large Coin

To the right of the power star and checkpoint sign Large Coin

Toy Workshop

In front of the door in the room with the button that opens the
floor Small Coin


In lower-left corner next to a ladder by a shooting sculpture Small Coin

In lower-right corner next to the door after the bats Large Cake


Top of cliff, right before tunnel entrance Small Coin


Top of pyramid, towards right edge Large Coin

A few steps after you come out of the little door Large Coin

On the screen with the vulture carrying the special key Large Coin, Small Cake

Princess's Castle

Above and to the right of the spring's original position Large Coin

Near the top of the right wall in the room with the high ladder Two Large Coins

Behind candelabrum after moving spiked balls Large Cake

Sand Castle

Climb up the wall by the hourglass. You'll have to jump onto the blocks to get the chest, which contains a large coin.

Next to first exit door Large Cake

Island Stage

On large cloud platform to the right of the beanstalk Large Coin

Phantom's Castle

Second door, floating platform, past the stone head Large Coin

In the room with the bouncing enemy that looks like a small door Large Cake

For more hidden treasure chests, see Secret Passages below.

Power Stars

You start the game with two power stars and can increase your life meter to five. Each location contains a power star, but some are easier to get than others. (Thanks to "David Bowie" for the star locations in the Forest, Lake, Flower Field, Palace, Desert, and Island stages.)


One of the doorways in the tree leads to a room with a chest. The room has a hole in the ceiling. Once you have the rope, climb up the right side wall to get to another room with the power star.


After completing the Blacksmith's castle, return to the underground area of the lake with the vines and strong currents. Since the water has risen, you can now swim up through the hole in the ceiling. The passage leads to a room with the power star.

Blacksmith's Castle

This power star is located in plain view. To get it, pick up the spring and drop it next to the high wall. There is also a hidden chest here containing Mouse Ears. (See screen shot above.)

Castle Ruins

This power star is located in plain view as well. However, you cannot reach it until you have the rope.

Tiny Cavern

Another power star is hidden in the Tiny Cavern Stage. You can either go through the secret passage shown below, or if you have the rope, scale the wall above the exit door.

Flower Field

About halfway through the stage, there is a butterfly. Shrink Mickey, and bounce attack the butterfly. (You will bounce off, instead of killing.) As the butterfly moves left across the screen, keep bouncing off the top of it, moving to the left to follow its flight path. When you right the left edge of the screen, you'll see the power star on top of a flower.

Toy Workshop

When you first see the star, you cannot get to it from where you are. Go through the door in the lower right corner of the screen. You cross a piano keyboard. On the other side of the keyboard is another door. Go through it. Hop across the spikes to get the star.


After you climb the first ladder to get to the second floor, you come to a wall made of two blocks with an exloding rock nearby. Above the wall, there is a ladder that leads to two treasure chests. In this room, climb the right side wall to reach the star. (The room with the star also has a secret passage. See below.)


On a ledge above the beginning of the cliff stage

When you begin this stage, you will see a large vulture flying above you. Scale the wall on the right. When you get to the top, you will see the edge of a block floating at the left side of the screen. This is the edge of a platform that holds a power star. To get to it, do a bounce attack on the bird and aim Mickey toward the block. Because you are in the middle of an attack, you will not be able to land on the ledge. (You will break the blocks instead.) If you need to, bounce off the first block and try to come down on top of the star.


In the pyramid, there's a ledge on the left wall above the door that leads to the snake. Go up the ladder where you found the key and get a second key. Drop it on the ground by the door and stand on top of the key. Jump from the key, and you will be able to reach the ledge. Walk through the wall to reach a room with the power star. (In order to get the key, you cannot use the shortcut shown below.)

Princess's Castle

If you take the upper door, there is a power star at the end of the room. Be aware, however, that the upper door leads to a much more difficult room than the lower door.

Sand Castle

Climb the wall after getting out of the water. You have to jump onto the blocks. I can never get onto the block to get this star.

Island Stage

When you get to the top of the beanstalk (where you find the key), walk over to the cloud on the left side of the screen. Fall off the left edge and you will land on a cloud with a power star.

Phantom's Castle

If you take the third door, there is a power star at the end of the room.

Secret Passages


Hidden tunnel through the wall above first doorway

You can walk through the wall here above the first doorway. Wait until the snake is near the wall and do a bounce attack to get into the tunnel. This leads to a small room with a vine. (There are no additional secret passages in this room.) The vine takes you to the top of the tree in the next area. By using this shortcut, however, you will pass over treasure chests containing a large coin, Mouse Ears, and several pieces of cake.

Castle Ruins

Secret passage to the left of the power star

Once you have the rope, you can come back to the castle ruins, scale the wall near the power star and enter the secret passage shown here. This leads to a treasure chest with a large coin. You can use the flute to avoid going through the rest of the ruins again. You do not get extra points for finishing the area again.

Tiny Cavern Stage

Passage into the left wall by the three climbing vines

Jump off the vine into the secret passage here. It leads through the wall to a treasure room containing mouse ears and a large coin. In that room, use the potion to shrink yourself. There is another passage through the left wall of this room. Go out to the doorway and press the D-Button up to enter the purple area. Push the D-Button to the right to fall onto a platform with a power star. After you get the star, jump down the hole and you are at the exit. (You do not miss any treasure or bypass anything significant by taking this shortcut.)


In the room where you find the power star, shrink and walk through the right side wall. This brings you to a room with two treasure chests (a large cake and a large coin) and takes you directly to the vertical area with spiked balls, allowing you to skip the top floor of the palace.


Passage into left wall at the starting point after the area with the moving spikes

Inside the pyramid, climb here with the rope. You will automatically crouch when you enter the passage. You'll need to shrink. Follow this around, and you'll drop out near the exit, bypassing the spikes and switches, which can be somewhat tricky.

Sand Castle Stage

Passage into wall right under the exit door

After plugging the first spray of water, a second one appears closer to the wall. Jump on it. As it rises, jump into this passage. There is a chest with a large coin.


The Dragon (Blacksmith's Castle)

Hit him in the face three times with blocks. Pick up a block as soon as you are in the room. When the dragon comes out, you can hit him the first time before he attacks. He shoots a fireball that bounces around the room. It is not difficult to avoid. Don't let it trap you at edge of the screen, or at the bottom between the two piles of blocks. Be prepared to jump over it. When you hit the dragon, he will be stunned for a short time. Use that time to get another block and be ready to attack again.

The Ghost (Castle Ruins)

The ghost flies around the screen. Wait till he swoops down, then try to land a bounce attack on top of him. Each time you hit him, he releases a flame that follows him around the screen. The flames follow closely, so it is difficult to hit him without getting hit yourself. Try to steer your rebound as well as you can. Even if you get hit once or twice, your power stars are restored when you start the next stage. You must hit the ghost four times.

The Cards (Toy Workshop)

There are three overlapping cards to start with. They bounce along the bottom of the screen. To start, run to the left. The cards bounce toward the left. Turn around and attack while they're coming toward you. (It's too difficult to attack successfully while they're moving away from you.) After you hit them twice, there will only be one card left. This card spins and races back and forth across the bottom of the screen. You can safely bounce off the top of the card while it is spinning. (It doesn't hurt the card, but it doesn't hurt you either.) When it stops, you must hit it with a bounce attack. Three hits will finish it off. Learn the approximate timing to anticipate where the card will stop.

The Boulder (Palace Ruins)

You can only hit the boulder when it has stopped and you can see its face. The boulder alternates between rolling along the ground, and flying off the top of the screen. When it hits the ground, it rolls the opposite direction it was previously angled toward. (I.e., if it's moving down and to the left, it will roll right when it hits the ground.) Don't get caught by the change of direction. Every time the boulder hits the wall, a jumping block falls from the top of the screen. Use a bounce attack to freeze it. You can immediately pick it up and try to hit the boulder, but usually, you won't have enough time. You can pick the block up and wait for the boulder to stop again. However, if you get hit, you drop the block, and it disappears. You may find it easier to wait until the boulder has stopped again, before picking up the block. Then run, jump, and throw it. (If you are fairly quick, you will have enough time to pick up the block and throw it before the face disappears.) The boulder requires four hits.

The Snake (Desert)

The egg rolls back and forth along the ground. While it is rolling, you can safely bounce off of it. If you go to one corner, the egg will generally follow you. After hitting the wall a few times, it will stop. When the snake pokes his head out, do a bounce attack. You have to hit him twice while in the egg. (Keep holding down the attack button after you hit him. When you come down, you will score the second hit.) Afterwards, he burrows in the sand. Jump over the little mound that moves back and forth along the ground. When you see the snake's eye in the mound, do a bounce attack. (Be aware that attacking the mound does not actually hurt the snake. All it does is get the snake out of the sand.) Hit the snake three times when he's above ground. (There is an easy way to do this. The first time you hit the moving mound, continue holding the attack button. If you aim Mickey well, you can repeatedly bounce and hit the snake without ever giving him the opportunity to burrow under the sand again.)

The Crab (Sand Castle)

Stay up at the top with your head above water. When he starts stirring up the water, swim down, pick up the barrel and duck. After creating a whirlpool that moves back and forth, the crab walks away a few steps then stops. Throw the barrel at him then. The second time he stirs up the water, he will start walking again and not stop. Stay at the surface of the water, and jump over the whirlpool to avoid being pulled down. The third time the crab creates a whirlpool, he stops again. Hit him with the barrel. The fourth time, he does not stop, and so on. Be ready to hit him after the first, third, and fifth whirlpools. Stay at the surface of the water for the second and fourth whirlpools. The crab requires three hits.

The Phantom

He turns into a tornado and moves back and forth across the bottom of the screen. While he is whirling back and forth, you can safely bounce off the top of him. He seems to generally move across the room three times before stopping. You have to attack before he raises his arms. When he attacks, he shoots three fireballs across the room. Try to get behind him before he does. You can still bounce safely off of him when his arms are raised, before the fireball appears. If you cannot get behind him, try to get right in front of him so that the fireballs he shoots will go over your head. After you hit the Phantom twice on the ground, he floats up to the top of the screen.

At the top of the screen, he doesn't shoot fireballs, but you will have to avoid the falling blocks. Right before they start falling, you will see which ones are dislodged. Try not to be under them. The first block to hit the floor remains while the others disappear. Pick it up, jump, and throw it at him when he stops moving, but before he raises his arms. After two hits, he turns into a spinning ball of energy.

The energy ball bounces across the floor of the room. You cannot bounce off it. When it stops, the Phantom reappears and again, you have to attack before he raises his arms. His attack is two bolts of lighting that shoot down the screen immediately in front of and behind him. You will be stuck between them. Just keep bouncing (which is safe for as long as his arms are raised) until the lighting disappears. Then get out of the way before he turns back into the ball of energy. After three hits, the crystal appears, and you win!


Blacksmith's Castle

You can get the hanging treasure chest by throwing the previous chest at it. Stand as shown in the picture below and throw from there. The hanging treasure chest contains Mouse Ears, so it will be worth your effort to get it. Be quick! The flame will be following you closely!

Pick up this treasure chest and carry it with you Stand here and throw the chest to get the Mouse Ears

Palace Ruins

After you go through the door, you enter an area where spiked balls race across the screen, quickly creating impassable barriers. Move as quickly as possible. (You will have to replay this part several times so you know where to go and where to aim your falls.) There are three treasure chests in this dangerous area. The first two contain small pieces of cake. The third one contains mouse ears. If you move quickly, you can get the mouse ears without getting hit. There is another chest on the floor below that contains a large cake.


The block on the second level hides a tiny door

There is a secret door into the pyramid. Pick up this block and shrink yourself to go inside. You'll find a treasure chest with a small coin. In this room, there is a tiny exit door next to the large one. Take the small one first, and you will find yourself next to the elusive chest at the bottom of the pyramid, which contains a large coin. Even though this small door is not visible on the outside of the pyramid, you can still press up on the D-button to go back inside. (You must shrink again first.) Go back into the pyramid and take the large exit door. In the next area, you have to constantly run, throwing switches along the way, to avoid being trapped by a wall of spikes. If you go through the pyramid, you do not have to go through the rest of the desert. Even though a passage opens up to the Sand Castle, you still have to go through the Princess's Castle to get the magic bean.

Phantom's Castle

There are three doors that you can pick to go into. Eventually, they all lead to the repeating area. I think the second door is the easiest of the three, but it is not substantially easier than the other two.

First Door

This area is full of spike pits and spiked balls. The left wall moves across the room toward the right. Climb onto the wall and ride it over the spikes. You may have to climb higher or lower to avoid hitting the floating spikes. There is at least one spot where you have to jump off onto a platform, shrink, and run under some low-hanging spikes before climbing back on the wall. The chest near the exit door contains a small piece of cake.

Second Door

The pits in this area will kill you. Even if you have a full power gauge, you lose a life if you fall in. You have to jump on a moving platform and ride it all the way to the end. There is a hidden chest with a large coin in front of the second window after the first stone head. There are a few spots where you have to duck or shrink to get under low obstacles.

Third Door

This area can be pretty difficult. You have to ride the blocks across the screen, jumping back and forth between them as they approach spikes, flames or other obstacles. The pits in this area will also kill you if you touch them, even if you you have a full power gauge. There is a power star at the end of this area.

Repeating Area

In this area, you have to make your way over to the right. The pit below the two stone heads will kill you, even if you have a full life meter. So don't fall in. Keep working your way to the right toward the switch room. There is a key by the switch room door. You do not need it yet.

Inside the switch room, three spiked balls move around the walls, ceiling and floor. Shrink and run under the platform. On the other side, return to normal size, jump onto the platform, and pull the switch up. Unfortunately, it's either difficult or impossible to jump over the switch without turning it off. So jump off the platform on the right side, shrink and wait for the next spiked ball. When it gets to you, jump over it, run under the platform, jump over the next spiked ball, and go through the door. (You do not need to return to full size before going through the door.

When you get back to the repeating area, get the key on your right. (You'll want to move quickly so as not to get hit by the falling ball.) Make your way back toward the left and use the key to open the locked door. Note that the sludge below the stone heads has turned to water. Continue to the left until you find the other key. Pick it up, head back toward the right and jump into the water. You fall into an upside-down room. Use the key to open the locked door on your right. Then go to the left. Jump up and hit the switch on the ceiling. Go back to the right, and notice there is now a platform under the door near the ceiling. This is the exit.


It appears so, at first. To get out of this area, make the bouncing door follow you all the way toward the right until you get to the end of the room. Hit the door with a bounce attack and it becomes harmless. Go through the door now. You find yourself on the other side of the divided room. Jump up and activate the switch. You can now walk through the wall. Go back to the room with the brown sludge, which is now harmless water.

Stand here, then swim under the platform

The treasure chest at the end of the water area contains a small piece of cake. It is very difficult to get under the platform without falling out of the water. The best way seems to be standing on the corner of the spiked ball. (This is also difficult to do without being hurt.) From there, it is a little easier to swim under the platform than it is if you are trying to hover in the water without falling out.

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