King's Quest: Quest for the Crown

Map of Daventry

Bodies of water labeled "OK" are those you can swim in. Water not labeled "OK" is fatal.

Translation of Hints in Instruction Manual

What is hidden inside the rock with the small hole?

Is the rock with the small hole a doorway to somewhere?
Yes, but only as an exit.

Can I get across the raging river?
Yes, hitch a ride with the condor.

What do I do with the condor?
Use the jump command to get on him.

How can I get the fiddle from the woodcutter?
The woodcutter and his wife are starving. Help them. Get the bowl. Fill the bowl.

How can I keep bad guys from "getting" me?
Avoid them. Give them a treasure. Use the ring or shield.

What do I do once I am on the alligator's back?
This is a trick question!

What do I do with the goat?
Goats like carrots. But do not feed it to him. Show him the carrots and he will help you with the troll.

I give up. What is the Gnome's name?
Read the note on the witch's table. Rumplestiltskin is close. Do a backwards alphabet. Ifnkovhgroghprm.

Can I get into the well?
Lower the rope.

How do I use the sling?
You must get pebbles first.

Additional Hints

Even if you use the walkthrough, stop to get passwords frequently. Even the smallest and unlikeliest mistake or misstep can end your game instantly.

Be careful on stairs and the bridge over the castle moat. Sir Graham does not adjust his movements for the change in perspective. For example, when crossing the moat, even though the bridge is arched, Sir Graham walks in a straight horizontal line. You must navigate stairs and the bridge with a series of short horizontal and vertical steps.

The mountain with the door, the rock with the small hole, and the cave are exits only. Don't waste time trying to get in them.

Do not go up from the pebbles screen unless you are all the way at the left edge of the screen.


The following walkthrough details every action necessary to win the game. They are arranged in phases for ease of reading and to allow you to find specific information without spoiling other parts of the game.

Collect Necessary Items

You will need the following items as you progress through your journey. Other items such as the slingshot, the mushroom, and the bucket are necessary, but are explained in the sections about recovering specific treasures.

Carrot Go to the carrot patch north of the castle and "get carrot".

Dagger Go to the forest clearing west of the castle. Get below the rock. "Push rock". (You must be below the rock when you push, otherwise it will fall and kill you.) "Look at hole". You see a dagger in the hole. "Get dagger".

Bowl From the screen with the dagger, go north to the open field, north to the mountain, north to the walnut tree, and east. Stand below the bowl to get it.

Pebbles From the screen with the bowl, go north to the river. Walk over to the sandy area and "get pebbles".

Four-leaf Clover Go to the clover patch. Find the large four-leaf clover in the middle of the patch. Stand above it and "get clover".

Fiddle Go to the log house (entrance). Go inside. Be careful not to fall into any of the holes in the floor. Walk up to the table. "Give bowl". "Fill bowl". The magic bowl fills with stew. The woodcutter will then allow you to take the fiddle. Stand below the fiddle to get it.

Cheese Go to the witch's house. Go in. If the witch is there, leave immediately. Keep trying until she has left. Walk over to the cupboard by the fireplace. Stand below the right-side door. "Open door". "Get cheese". (Note that just because the witch appears in the field, it does not mean she will not be in the house. Nor is the voice when you eat part of the candy house an indicator of whether she is inside. Just go in. If she's there, you will have enough time to get out.) Inside the house, on the table next to bed you can also find a note which says "Sometimes it is helpful to think backwards." This is a hint for when you must guess the Gnome's name, but it is not necessary to get the note.

Magic Beans Go to the corral. Stand below the gate and "open door". Walk up to the goat and "show carrot". The goat will now follow you. As you move through screens with the goat, be sure that it can follow you. Make sure that it does not get stuck behind trees or rocks or at the edge of the river. You may have to go back a few times to lead it around obstacles or across bridges. From the corral, go south to the lake, staying on the right side of screen, then south to the bridge, and south again to the bridge with the troll. The goat will charge and knock the troll off the bridge, allowing you to cross. Go west to the screen with the Gnome. As you approach the Gnome, you will be prompted to guess his name. The answer is Ifnokovhgroghprm. (As the hint in the manual suggests, the name can be determined by writing the alphabet backwards and finding the letters that correspond to "Rumplestiltskin".) After giving the correct answer, the Gnome gives you some magic beans. (It is not necessary to have the witch's note.)

Collect Additional Items

There are several other items which don't appear to have any critical function in the game, however, you should probably pick them up anyways, in case they are indirectly necessary to finish the game. If nothing else, they will add to your score at the end of the game.

Golden Egg Northwest of the castle is an open field with a large tree. Stand under the tree so that you're facing it and "climb". Climb up until the screen changes. You will see a bird's nest on a branch. Go over to the nest until a message appears about the egg. "Get egg". Then climb back down.

Gold Walnut Go to the screen with the walnut tree. To the right of the tree are five walnuts on the ground. Walk over to the middle one. "Get walnut".

Diamond Pouch Go to the screen with the tree stump. Get below the stump and turn so that you're facing towards it (up). "Look at stump" and you will see a pouch inside. "Get pouch".

Ring Go to the screen with the elf. Walk around the screen until the elf appears. Walk up to him and "talk to elf". He gives you a ring which makes you temporarily invisible. You can use it to get through screens containing dangerous enemies.

Spell Go to the screen containing the fairy. Walk around the screen until she appears. She will cast a spell that protects you from dangerous enemies. It lasts about 10 minutes. If this is not enough time for you to collect all the items you need, you can go back and she will cast the spell again.

Recover the Shield

Go to the screen with the condor. Walk over towards the cave. The condor will appear. When it is above you, "jump". The condor carries you across the river to the screen with the hole in the ground. Do not jump in the hole yet. Go one screen to the west. You will see a white object on the ground. Walk over to it and "get mushroom". Now go back and walk over the hole. You will find yourself inside a small cave. Go down one screen and left one screen. There is a large rat in this room. "Give cheese" and the rat runs off. Go over to the door and open it. You find yourself in a room with leprechauns. (A message appears indicating you are safe because you have the four-leaf clover.) "Use fiddle" and the leprechauns start dancing, leaving the throne room unguarded. Go down one screen where you will find the king alone. Walk around to the bottom of the throne. "Get shield". While you are there, you may as well get the scepter too. (It doesn't appear to be necessary to win the game, but will increase your score.) Go out the door on the left. Go up the stairs until you come to a small hole in the wall. "Eat mushroom" and you will shrink enough to get out through the hole. Note that this shield will protect you from all enemies except the Giant (see Recover the Chest below).

Recover the Mirror

Go to the screen with the well and "look about". Walk around to the far side of the well (top), stand behind the bucket and position Sir Graham so he's facing the well. "Cut rope". "Get bucket". Now walk around to the right side of the well and stand under the crank. "Lower rope". "Climb". (Note on positioning Sir Graham: There was one time only that I could not cut the rope while standing above the well. That time, I walked around to the right side and was able to there. If you're having problems with any of these steps, try it in the other spot. You can get under the well, facing up, to climb.) You will find yourself at the bottom of the well. "Swim". "Fill bucket". Go over to the hole on the left side. You find yourself in a room with a dragon. The shield protects you. Walk over to the dragon and "throw water". This extinguishes his flames and he leaves, revealing your exit. Get the mirror and go out through the hole.

Recover the Chest

Go to the screen with the flowers. Walk into the brown spot and "plant beans". "Climb" the beanstalk until it touches a large cloud. (Don't climb further or you'll fall.) Walk to the right and you'll see solid ground. Keep going and you will find the Giant. Even if you have the shield, even if you are invisible, the Giant can kill you, so don't get too close. Go to the screen below and to the right of the Giant. There is a tree in the lower-right corner with a hole in it. "Look at hole". Inside you find a slingshot. "Get slingshot". Go back to the screen with the Giant and "use slingshot". (You need the pebbles for this.) After killing the Giant, walk up to the body and "get chest". Walk to the right and find the entrance to a cave. Inside the cave, walk down several flights of stairs.

Return to the Castle

Once you have all three treasures, return to the castle. Go in, follow the carpet around to the king's throne. "Talk to king". When he finishes speaking, walk up onto the raised platform with the throne, and you win!


The King says, You have succeeded in the quest ! I think you are just in time.

The old king says: I am dying. Take my place when I am gone.

The old king is dead !

Congratulations ! You have become the new king and completed the game !

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