Valley of Doom

Sound Test

Start a new game. As Kelesis walks into the cave where he meets the old woman, push the D-button to the upper-left position and hold down both buttons until he's in the cave.


When you encounter Waruso, go to the row of tiles that is second from the bottom of the screen. Then move over to the tile on the left edge of the screen in that row. Here, you will be hit significantly less, making it easier to survive.


The names of the demons in the instruction book differ from those used in the game. The first listed in the name as it appears in the instruction book. The second listed is the name as it appears in the game.

Despa (Desba) Valley
Saipa (Rolick) Desert
Taruba (Bachular) Graveyard
Fosbus (Fosbus) Swamp
Waruso (Warlic) Beach
Jaspa (Crawky) Crawky Forest
Heidi (Haidee) Pine Forest
Golvellius Pine Forest


Important Items Location Cost
Ascent Boots Pine Forest, in a room with Deathlords 70,000
Aqua Boots Beach, in a room with blue mice and a pond 20,000
Valley Sword Graveyard, under a cross along the river 12,000
Legendary Sword Crawky Forest, in a room with 2 ponds 50,000
Arasuzu's Shield Desert 8,000
Remedia's Shield Crawky Forest 40,000
Ring of Invincibility Swamp, lower-left room 10,000
Ramurasu's Pendant Graveyard
Aresta's Pendant Meadow
Magic Mirror Pine Forest 25,000


7 Crystals, 40,000 gold, 80,000 gold max., Legendary Sword, Remedia's Shield, Ascent Boots, Ring of Invincibility, Magic Mirror, Ramurasu's Pendant :



Overworld Map


  This is a tale of days when
demons tormented the
world.  In the kingdom of
Alied, nestled in a quiet
valley, basked in peace, for
water, people found it
necessary to visit the valley
bottom.  Tales of encounters
with demons there increased
thus causing much fear.  So
deep was his concern for his
people, king Alied fell severly
ill.  Only a herb named "MEA"
found at the valley bottom could
save him.  Over all objections,
Princess Rena went in search of
the herb but failed to return.
Fear and unrest among the people
only continued to grow.  A wandering
youth, Kelesis went down into the
valley depths in search of Rena.
There, Kelesis found the entrance
to a strange cave in a dying
river valley...


  Kelesis defeated Golvellius on the field
of battle.  Freed from Golvellius' confinement,
Rena at last reappears.  All sorrow gone, Rena's
visage beams joyfully once again.
  As the pair exits the cave, the seven
crystals shine forth.  The crystals fly into
Golvellius' body which lives again!  Not
the evil Golvellius, but a kind and good
Golvellius.  The demon Goalus had trapped his
kind soul in seven crystals.
  Peace returns to the valley.  Kelesis and Rena
return to the kingdom of Alied.  Kelesis
decides to journey on.  Rena decides to
accompany Kelesis on his journey.  As the
two leave the kingdom, they are met by
Golvellius.  The three decide to venture forth
together.  Kelesis, Rena, and Golvellius set
forth on a journey to find Kelesis' long-lost
sister.  The sun shines down on them
protectively watching them as they set

        TO BE CONTINUED...

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