Golden Axe

NOTE: None of the material on this page has been confirmed by The Sega Notebook.


Golden Axe has one continue that comes up automatically at the end of the game. If you use this, you can bring up a second continue by pressing the following sequence: up, left, button 1, button 2.


  • Jumping attacks are quicker than normal attacks. They are an effective way to keep enemies from getting too close and boxing you in.

  • It helps to have Chicken Stingers and Dragons to attack your enemies, however, do not get distracted by the prospect of getting or keeping one. When the animals are surrounded by enemies, trying to get on one will often cause you more trouble than it is worth.

  • Picking up magic potions after you've reached your maximum is useless. By remembering where you can pick up magic in the game, you can get the optimal utility out of the magics by using them right before you get more. (Or you can leave the potions on the screen, use magic, and then pick up the potions.)

  • Find the areas of the game where you can knock enemies off of cliffs, ledges, bridges, etc. Enemies will follow you when you move around. Move near the edge. When the enemy approaches, knock him/her over the side with a jumping attack.

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