Ghost House

Freeze Enemies

Light Freeze all enemies on screen for a few seconds by jumping and touching these lights.

Swords and Arrows

Sword Avoid flying swords and arrows by ducking below them, or by jumping over them. Note that if you jump and land on top of them, you get extra points. If you jump on a sword, you can then use it as a weapon.


Enemy Be careful of this enemy. You have time to attack twice before he shoots fire. If you have the sword, you can kill him with two hits. If you do not have the sword, you must punch twice and walk away before he starts shooting fire. When he starts following you again, walk up to him again and punch twice more.

Last Coffin

The last coffin is easy to get to, once you know how. Jump through the wall as shown below.



Once you kill the last vampire, you must find your way to this exit.



      Very good!

    Special bonus
      10000 pts.

Go on with your game!
      Good luck!

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