We recommend buying the following items when starting a new game:
The hearse
PK detector
Marshmallow detector
Ghost vaccuum
Ghost bait
Ghost trap
High-capacity trap

This will cost exactly $10,000. After this, you will not need to visit the shop again, although items such as the containment system and the super anion beam are nice to have.


Manholes/barricades rarely appear between lanes. While driving, try to center your car over the white lane-dividing lines. When centered, you can usually drive right past open manholes/barricades without hitting them. (It will be close, however.)

Marshmallow Man

To get past the marshmallow man, move to the left of him. Watch him for a little while to get an idea of how close you can get. When he jumps away, run in front of the door. (Just run straight across--you do not need to hit up to go in.)

In The Building

You will want to move through the building as quickly as possible, but you will also want to shoot every ghost. More ghosts will often reappear behind you. The only ones that are safe to leave behind are the slimers. The other kinds of ghosts will all follow you if you do not shoot them.


Stand off to the side, in front of either the Gatekeeper or the Keymaster. The closer you are to Gorza, the less spread-out his lightning will be, and therefore it will be easier to dodge. However, you want to stand back far enough that you will be able to move if the Gatekeeper or Keymaster shoots fireballs. The best time to shoot at Gorza is right after he fires a burst of lightning. After you hit Gorza, he will be immobilized for a very short time. Try to set up a pattern by continuing to hit him while he's not moving.


Enter A.A. as your name and use the following password to start with $100,000:



We  thank  you   from   the
bottom of our hearts.
You have saved the city and
will go down  in history as
the  hero  who  annihilated
Gorza,     the    god    of
For  your  gallant  effort,
you have earned a reward of

Upon awakening  from a deep
slumber, Gorza attempted to
destroy      our      great
metropolis,  however  ....

you  crushed   his  vicious
plan  and stopped  him once
and for all.

You   have   thus  restored
peace  and  order  to   our
beloved city.


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