Fantasy Zone: The Maze


You will need to go through each world twice except Pocarius. Round 51, the last round in Mockstar, is the final round of the game. There are no weapons in round 51.

Save up your money in the easy early rounds. You will need it for weapons in the more difficult rounds. Fireballs are very effective, but they become scarce in later rounds. Big Wings are helpful, but are generally not needed until later rounds.

As you progress in the game, touching the orange spot will become crucial to prevent the creation of a second generation of enemies.


OpaOpa and UpaUpa had finished
their battle training.
They were recognized as A class
soldiers and allowed to carry
twin shot and single bomb with
each of them all the time.
After that OpaOpa enjoyed a
worldwide fame for his activity
in the battle of Fantasy Zone.
On the other hand, UpaUpa's
whereabouts has been unknown
ever since.
The End

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