Fantasy Zone

Cheap Lives

If you wait through all the demos, the prologue will come up on the screen. During the prologue, press the D-pad up and down at least 50 times (i.e., at least 25 times in each direction) and start the game. After doing this, the first shop you enter (even if you have reset the game a few times) will offer as many extra lives as you can afford (maximum of nine) for 1,000 apiece. Since you will only be able to buy two in the first round, wait until the second (or third) round to enter the shop, when you will be able to buy all nine.

Unlimited Weapon Time

If you buy and hold all four engines (big wings, jet engine, turbo engine, and rocket engine), any weapon you select will last until you die.


Round 1 - Shoot it in the mouth. The block of wood will shoot a lot of projectiles and then shoot out a smaller amount the second time. It will repeat this pattern: one large group, and one small group. If you stay as close to the block as possible, (you will need to move right above or right below the mouth when it shoots out the first group,) it will open its mouth for the second attack, but won't shoot any projectiles. This is a good time to attack. Doing this however, sometimes causes some of the projectiles in the first group to bounce off the left edge of the screen and come back towards you. Staying close to the block will allow you to go more easily to the safe areas at the top and bottom middle areas of the screen. (In the middle of the screen, the range of the projectiles is very narrow, whereas it gets wider as the projectiles spread out leftward.)

Round 2 - You must destroy the three balls that circle this enemy. To do this, you must shoot through the spaces in the barrier. Staying close to this enemy seems to be the most effective way. You will almost certainly have to move back every now and then to avoid the falling projectiles, but as soon as possible, move back in close.

Round 3 - You must destroy all the laser guns on this enemy. As the enemy moves up and down, you may find it necessary to move above the path of the enemy's lasers. (Be careful, the lasers are fast. If you need to move above the path, wait until the enemy begins to descend. If you need to move below the path, wait until the enemy begins to ascend.) While above the enemy, using bombs is an effective way to weaken the guns. Also, when directly shooting the enemy's guns with your twin shot, use bombs to weaken the laser cannons below you. You will need to learn the timing of the enemy's guns. It remains the same even after you have destroyed some of them. This gives you a small window of opportunity to be in front of the enemy without any danger. If you do not destroy the enemy within a given period of time, it will advance towards you. At this point, you must have destroyed the guns on the top and bottom. (Save the middle guns for last.) Otherwise, as you move up or down to line up with the top or bottom guns, the enemy will move up or down as well until the guns you need to destroy are off the screen.

Round 4 - You must shoot this enemy's tongue. Although it does not require a lot of hits to kill this boss, it can be very difficult to avoid the waves of teeth he fires at you. Therefore, your first priority should be to dodge his fire. You should keep your eyes focused on your ship. You do not even need to look at the boss; just fire continuously. Note that as you move up and down, this enemy will will also move up and down. If you move rapidly, you may have an easier time avoiding the teeth. (They will spread out more as their vertical range increases.) However, you will probably hit the tongue less frequently.

Round 5 - A seven-way shot will be extremely helpful here. This will allow you to focus mainly on dodging projectiles since there's a good chance that at least some of your fire will be hitting something. If you don't have a seven-way shot, try to kill the top snowman first. He is the only one who can move out of your range (near the top of the screen) so make sure to kill him while he's low and before he advances too far forward.
The last snowman will begin firing well before you can hit him. Be careful--his first few shots will appear from behind you. Get fairly close--below, but still in front of him. Then move up and down firing.

Round 6 - Once you determine how high you need to be to shoot this boss in the head, fire continuously and focus your eyes on your ship so you can concentrate on dodging the falling projectiles.
This boss seems to be noticeably more difficult the second time. You can buy a heavy bomb (buy three--see below) and move your ship so that half of it is above the turtle's body. You should be near the bottom of the screen so the blue projectiles do not have a chance to fall and hit you. Drop the heavy bomb immediately after the boss shoots the first blue projectile. (The timing must be very accurate otherwise the bomb will miss the turtle's head and do partial or no damage.) One direct hit will kill this enemy.

Round 7 - You can only hit this boss when all the pieces come together. When he separates, move between the middle two rows of pieces to the other side of the screen. Fire when the pieces combine. When they separate, move back toward the other side of the screen and fire when they combine again.

-- Note that before reaching the final boss, you will have to fight the previous seven again. Having a seven-way shot and all four engines will be a big help. Also note that when fighting the bosses for a second time, hitting left will now cause your ship to face left while it is moving. Although this makes the fighting more difficult, the strategies for each boss are basically the same.

Final Boss - Make sure you have a seven-way shot and two heavy bombs. Use the rocket engine. The final boss shoots out enemies that move around the screen and leave blue trails behind them. You cannot touch the blue trail. The first four will be easy enough to beat. The fifth one will move surprisingly fast. It will also follow you around the screen. The best way to beat it is to move to the upper left corner of the screen. It will shoot across to the left side of the screen and then start moving up toward your ship. As soon as it is below you, drop a heavy bomb. One bomb will kill it. Do the same for the sixth enemy. (Be careful, the sixth one moves faster than the fifth.)


- Do not waste a lot of money buying extra lives. If you buy more than two throughout the course of the game, (or three, at the very most,) you will not have enough money left at the end of the game to equip them with the weapons/engines necessary to win the game. (This assumes you are not using the "cheap lives" trick.)

- Do not waste money buying a lot of weapons early in the game. Save your money for the later stages of the game where you will need it most. Buy a pair of Big Wings in Round 1. You probably won't need any more equipment until Round 5.


Long ago, far away in space,
there existed a "Fantasy
Zone" where a courageous
hero called Opa-Opa (the
player) fought in a valiant
cause to rescue the "Fantasy
Zone" from its enemies.

In the space year 6216, the
interplanetary monetary
system collapsed, causing all
of the planets to become

According to an official
inquiry made by the space
guild, someone is leading the
Menon planet forces, using
them to steal the foreign
currencies of the other
planets, and with the funds,
construct a huge fortress in
the "Fantasy Zone". To put an
end to their ambitious plans,
Opa-Opa promptly takes off
for the "Fantasy Zone"


Opa-Opa (the player) has now
destroyed the invading army
and restored peace to the
"Fantasy Zone".

However, he has mixed
emotions because his long
lost father was the chief of
the enemy forces.

One burning question that
will remain with him until
his dying days....." Was my
victory really worth the
price I had to pay ?"


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