Enduro Racer

Round Select

During the title screen, push the D-button up, down, left, right. A number will then appear at the right side of the screen. Scroll through the round numbers by pushing up or down on the D-button.


- Right before reaching a jump, hit down on the D-button to pop a wheelie. This will increase your air-time and allow you to finish the race more quickly.

- In some rounds, it may be helpful to drive in the rough terrain or even over obstacles that will damage the bike so as to avoid crashing into your opponents. This will slow your bike down and increase your race time, but not as much as crashing.

- Note that after round 5, you will only be given 50 seconds to complete a race (plus whatever time you had left from the previous race), and the cost of spare parts doubles.

Tune Ups
- You earn points based on how many opponents you pass in previous races. You can then use your points to tune up the bike. We recommend saving your points for the following rounds:

Round 4 : accelerator, engine.
Round 9 : accelerator, engine.
Round 10: accelerator, handle, tire, engine (and suspension, if you can afford it).
- Note that you lose your tune ups when you crash, sink, fall off a cliff, or start a new race.


     you successfully completed
         all of the stages!
          Record   [your time]

     "Enduro" is a symbolic
     journey through life via
     media of a race.

     The results are
     insignificant and what
     really counts is competing.

     Of particular importance are
     the lessons to be learned
     concerning one's self from
     the various encounters you
     experience along the way.

     There is no victor or loser
     in this test of endurance.
     The only thing that really
     matters is that you make a
     commitment to begin the long
     and trying trek.

     This game is then dedicated
     to all of the "Life Riders"
     who have started out on the
     solitary trip to find their
     own individual limits.
     Last, but not least, may we
     sincerely congratulate you
     on a perfect run.

              The End

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