Double Dragon


To continue in the 4th round, player 1 needs to do 10 spin kicks as soon as the round starts (and before either player moves). This will allow both players unlimited continues in the 4th round until after Jeff is defeated.

Instruction Manual Corrections

The point values listed in the instruction book for various attacks are incorrect. The real values are as follows:

Attack TypePoint Value
Spin Kick (buttons 1 and 2 simultaneously):300
Jump Kick (buttons 1 and 2 and forward simultaneously):100
Roundhouse Kick (button 1):100
Uppercut Punch (button 2):50
Knee Smash (button 1 when you have enemy in a headlock):180
Shoulder Throw (button 2 when you have enemy in a headlock):180
Head Butt (forward twice in quick succession):200
Elbow Smash (back and button 2 simultaneously):180


  • Use dynamite on enemy with least damage.
  • Punching is the best way to attack Abobo. This does not give him a chance to fight back. At points in the game, you may find yourself with one Abobo on each side. Punch one twice then turn around and punch the other one twice, then turn around and punch the first one twice, etc.
  • To beat Jeff, punch him in the face 5 times, back off for a few seconds (walk up or down so as not to get shot,) and go back and punch him another five times. Do not let him get too close or he will smack you with his gun. You will need to punch Jeff 51 times.

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