Cyborg Hunter

Unlimited Weapons

You will find items such as psycho power, bombs, and life-energy throughout the game. When you pick an item up, you can make it reappear by going into a nearby elevator and then exiting back into the corridor. The item will be in the same place again. By repeating this process you can build up a significant supply of weapons.

Map Key

1 = Lower Cyborg (appears orange in the 3-D Tunnel Scope.)
2 = Flying Cyborg (Also appears orange.)--These are indicated outside the map because they can travel the whole length of a floor.
C = Cyborg Chief (appears white in the 3-D Tunnel Scope.) You must kill all Cyborg Chiefs before you can leave an area.
B = Bomb (you can carry a maximum of 9.)
J = Jet Engine
L = Life Up
LG = Light Gun
P = Psycho Power Up
PG = Psycho Gun
R = Ray Gun
S = Shield
Thick black lines represent walls in the middle of a floor.
Gray areas represent dark floors.

Area A

The Lower Cyborgs are easiest to beat using either the psycho or normal punch, even if you come back to Area A after gaining the other weapons. Move in close and punch when they jump.
The Cyborg Chiefs will cost you a lot of life unless you attack them with the psycho punch. Three hits will finish them off. Attack quickly because once they fire, the psycho punch will be blocked by their flying projectiles.

Area B

The Lower Cyborgs are easiest to kill using the psycho punch. They move back and forth apparently at random, so if you get in close enough to do a normal punch, you could end up getting hit.
The Cyborg Chiefs are easy to beat with normal punches. Get right in front of them, and punch when they jump.

Area C

To beat Cytra, lay one bomb. After it explodes, her life meter will be reduced by about one half. Afterwards, shoot her repeatedly with the Ray Gun. If you are too far away, she will aim low when she fires. Move in close and she will fire above your head. When she jumps, run underneath and continue firing from the other side.

Area D

When you get to D, be prepared to duck or shoot the flying cyborg on the first floor.
Fight the Chief Cyborgs with the Ray Gun. If you're standing, the Ray Gun shots will destroy the projectiles the Chief Cyborgs fire. They jump around a lot, so you may want to stand back.

Area E

Use a normal or psycho punch against the Lower Cyborgs.
Use the psycho gun against the Cyborg Chiefs.
To beat Gastar, use the psycho gun. Get up close and fire. When he jumps, run back and forth underneath, as when fighting Cytra.

Area F

Use the psycho gun against the cyborg chiefs. Use the psycho gun against the boss.

Area G

Use the jet engine to maneuver around the cyborgs on the first and fifth floors. You cannot destroy them.
Use the light or ray gun against the cyborg chiefs. It will take longer to kill them than with the psycho gun and you will probably lose more life, but you can replenish your life with the L-item on the third floor. Save your psycho power for Vipron. Use the jet engine and the psycho gun to defeat Vipron. Note that your shots will not damage him after he starts to charge. As he charges, fly over him and shoot him when he stops. Try to locate yourself in the middle of the screen when firing at Vipron.


Paladin, you've done
a great job!
Everybody in the base
station is very pleased.
The last step is to return
to the base station where
you will be welcomed and
applauded for your accom-
This will be our last co-
mmunication. See you next
at the base station.


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